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Burned forest

Community spirit in Prince George: Taking care of your neighbour

As you likely know, BC has been getting hit hard by…

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Skyline view of downtown Prince George

Why I moved back to Prince George


At the end of my time at university, I found myself…

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Eric Depenau 1232 TOP40 2015

Eric Depeneau


Wild-land Firefighter (Ministry of Forests)

UNBC Student, Rocky Mountain Rangers soldier

Age: 22


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Carolynne Burkholder-James 1143 TOP40 2015

Carolynne Burkholder-James



Heather Sadler Jenkins LLP

Age: 31  

Journalist, lawyer, student, book editor, wife, mother…

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Ray Noonan 0662 TOP40 2015

Ray Noonan


Financial Consultant

Scotia Private Client Group

Age: 39

Ray Noonan’s educational background is as…

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Ross Birchall 0124 TOP40 2015

Ross Birchall


Managing Partner

Wellesley Consulting Group (WCG)

Age: 25

Ross Birchall grew up on Vancouver…

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Kevin Pederson 0487 TOP40 2015

Kevin Pederson


Co-founder and President

West Coast Canning

Age: 32

Kevin Pederson is a serial entrepreneur….

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Tim Bennett 0561 TOP40 2015

Tim Bennett


Executive Director

Big Brothers Big Sisters PG

School District 57 elected trustee

Age: 29


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Kara Biles 0018 TOP40 2015

Kara Biles


Manager of Talent Acquisition & Workforce Planning


Age: 30

This is Kara Biles’…

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