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Helicopter landing on a mountain

Taking flight in Prince George


My wife and I made the move to Prince George, British Columbia when we were both offered jobs that promised a more stable family life… Read More

Will Cadell, founder of Sparkgeo

Location for life, not livelihood


The greatest gift anyone can give me is time.

Time is the one resource which is truly limited. So, being able to give people time is quite… Read More

Tim Bennett at Exit PG

8 things to do during Spring Break


Happy New Year!

I sit here today and reflect on what has been a crazy couple of months. I remember growing up thinking that there was… Read More

Chelsea Gibson

Dreams do come true


Born in Calgary, Alberta and a transplant from busy downtown Toronto, I know what it is like to blend into the crowd. In Prince George,… Read More

View from Teapot Mountain

Vancouver to Prince George: Why I made the move


The move from Vancouver to Prince George is, in my opinion, the most underrated move for young people. It was hard to see myself out… Read More

Snowy banks of the Nechako River

Never say never…


Our adventure began in the fall of 2012 when I accepted a position with the 2015 Canada Winter Games. We rented out our house in… Read More

Fox near Prince George

Sharing Prince George


A couple of nights ago I was out for an evening ski with a friend of mine, and we stopped for a rest near the… Read More

Shumaiya and her husband at the lake

Prince George: A solace for our souls


Home is where your heart is; where you feel welcomed with warm smiles and open arms. That is what Prince George is to my family… Read More

Alex at the top of Teapot Mountain

City slicker moves to Prince George


After traveling for a year abroad in Australia and Asia, it was time to move back home to Montreal and start my adult life. I… Read More