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Shumaiya with her husband and daughter


Compassionate healthcare

The only time that people usually go to hospitals and clinics is when they have health concerns or are visiting someone close to them who is hospitalized. Recently, a health concern of mine took me to the Emergency Room at the University Hospital of Northern BC at an odd hour of the night. I would like to share my experience with healthcare in Prince George as it compares to what I saw when I lived in larger cities like Toronto, Ontario.  

Healthcare in Prince George

University Hospital of Northern BC

University Hospital of Northern BC. Photo credit: Northern Health.

In Prince George, the hospital is run by Northern Health. People from Prince George and the surrounding region visit the hospital for critical support. Based on my experience, I can tell you that it’s a very busy place. The physicians, nurses and all the staff work tirelessly 365 days a year and 24/7 to provide immediate relief to visitors with a smile, even though they must be very tired. Although everyone is very busy, my wait time in the emergency room was much shorter at the hospital in Prince George than in hospitals in Ontario that I’ve been to. We are lucky we don’t have to wait for a long queue to be served before we are helped in Prince George.  

Remaining compassionate under pressure

With the recent fire crisis across BC, the situation has been more stressful and complicated. Prince George hospital staff supported the evacuee patients with all the necessary support and facilities in addition to local patients. It’s a difficult task indeed to maintain the proper balance. However, based on my observations, everyone worked with the utmost dedication and devotion toward their profession. I was amazed to see how adept staff were at paying close attention to every need of the patients while handling every case with equal dexterity.

Personal service from healthcare professionals

Shumaiya's husband and daughters

My husband and daughters.

Another aspect of my healthcare experience that I found commendable was the personalized care I received while I was at the hospital. Due to the size of Prince George, it’s not uncommon that a patient might have already met their emergency doctor, nurse or healthcare provider at the mall, grocery store, or at the soccer field where their kids go for playing. This means a relationship could already have been formed with your care provider before you need care. I was also particularly moved when my family physician came to visit me at the hospital. Such generosities are rare when you live in a big city.

Living in Prince George gives you the feel of a smaller community while living in a city. It makes one feel at home no matter where you go.

Visit the healthcare page on Move Up Prince George to learn more about healthcare in the city.

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