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3 spots in Prince George to find puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have long been hailed as a great tool to exercise the brain, improve concentration, strengthen cognitive function, help improve short-term memory, and relieve stress.

My husband and I started working on puzzles when the pandemic hit and it has become a regular hobby. We have accumulated so many over the last few years so I want to share the fun we have had in purchasing them from stores around Prince George. We also love that there are people in Prince George who like to swap puzzles or sell them second-hand online.

Puzzle being put together on a table.

3 spots to find your next puzzle

1. Books and Company

I’ve found some of my coolest puzzles at Books and Company. My favorites are illustrated and most often include animals, landscapes or nature. That’s just personal preference and the ones my husband and I gravitate toward. Books and Company has a bunch of these types of puzzles. My favourite from this store is 299 Cats (and a Dog) Puzzle.

They also sell the World Of…Puzzles line which includes Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and others and are perfect for a book lover as a gift.

2. Mastermind Toys

Mastermind Toys has one of the wider, conventional selections of puzzles you can find in Prince George. They also have many options for children and teens (Disney, Star Wars, etc.), which is great if you want to entertain the whole family. What I love about this store is that not only do they have a wide selection of puzzles; they have many board games too.

3. Great White

Great White Toys, Games & Comics carries the famous Cobble Hill and Ravensburger lines These puzzles are super high quality and have thick, well-fitting pieces. If you are an expert, you know these are the puzzles of champions. I have bought a few of the 1,000 piece ones and spent weeks working on them.

Selling and Trading Puzzles

Once you complete a puzzle, do you really need it? I don’t know about you but my favourite part is destroying it at the end as soon as the last piece goes in. We have bought or traded many of our favourites online with other community members. The Jigsaw Puzzlers Exchange of Prince George BC & Area has been an awesome place to do this.

Puzzles on a table.

About the Author: Zainab was raised in the big city of Toronto before moving to Prince George. She expected to stay for one year and now 6+ years later, she is proud to call Prince George her home. Being a business owner was a dream of hers and due to the city’s strategic location, resources and networking opportunities, her dream was realized in 2020. 

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