A Growing Labour Market

There is more work in Prince George than there are people.

Prince George is the largest city in the region of nearly 320,000 people that it serves. With a considerable number of large natural resource-oriented projects slated for construction across the north, existing Prince George businesses are already seeing an increased demand for their products and services and the city is seeing an influx of new businesses starting up.

Currently, there are over $140 billion worth of major capital projects proposed and an additional $23 billion already underway in BC; many of which are in the northern and north-central parts of the province. As a result, the professional services, construction and manufacturing sectors are among the fastest growing sectors in Prince George. Due to the growing and aging population in the city, the healthcare and education sectors are also expanding.


According to the BC Government, over 1,017,000 job openings are expected between 2022 and 2032. During this period, growth in the demand for workers is expected to outpace supply, leading to an estimated shortage of 61,600 workers by 2020. Nearly 80 per cent of jobs will typically require workers to have post-secondary education or training. A little over 60 per cent of future job openings will replace workers leaving the labour force, mostly from retirements. Anyone looking for an opportunity to build or expand their career should consider Prince George as a prime location.

One of the biggest benefits of living and working in Prince George is the low cost of living. People in Prince George earn a higher average income than the province as a whole and spend less on housing. The median household income for couples with our without families in Prince George is $100,000 versus the British Columbia average of $93,000. Homeowners in Prince George spend 27.2% of their income on their mortgage versus homeowners in Vancouver who spend an average of 125.4%. With round-trip driving distances within Prince George being 30 minutes or less, the amount of money spent on gas is minimal. Featured in Vancouver is Awesome, Prince George was ranked as the most affordable BC overall and for mid-sized cities.

With an economy that is growing at nearly double the rate of the rest of the province, a low cost of living for residents and higher than average incomes, Prince George is a great place to live if you want to move up!

For current statistics about the Prince George community profile, city benchmarks and other comparisons visit:  https://townfolio.co/bc/prince-george/summary 

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