Young Professionals Network of Prince George

Connecting young professionals in Prince George

The Young Professionals Network of Prince George (YPN Prince George/YPNPG) is a social organization dedicated to assisting professionals under the age of 45 with meeting others to expand their personal and professional networks.

Whether you have lived in Prince George your whole life, have recently moved to the city, or are new to your career, this group is a place to network, make friends and/or business connections, and have fun getting to know one another.


The following pillars will guide the planning of Young Professionals Network of Prince George activities:

  • Business Networking: To provide members with avenues for connecting with each other to further professional relationships.
  • Social Networking: To provide members with casual events through which they can get to know each other on a more personal level.
  • Professional Development: To provide opportunities for members to grow and strengthen their skill-sets.
  • Mentorship: To connect members with other members within their chosen professions who can act as informal mentors.

Meet new people outside of your network


  • To connect young professionals in Prince George.
  • To provide professional development opportunities for members.
  • To attract and retain young professionals to Prince George.
  • To foster mentorship from established business professionals in the community and from peers within the group.
  • To collaborate with service organizations and community groups that share a similar vision.
  • To raise awareness about and create opportunities for the businesses associated with members.


  • Membership is open to all young professionals who are new to or established in Prince George and want to make connections with other professionals in the community.
  • Suggested age range is 21-45, however; membership is open to any professional who is interested in making connections.
  • There is currently no membership fee, but members will be required to pay a fee to attend some events.
  • After filling out the membership form, join our Facebook and LinkedIn groups to stay in the loop about events and other activities.

For information on the Young Professionals Network of Prince George, email

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