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3 thrift shops you need to visit

Thrift shopping. It’s a phrase that evokes strong feelings depending on where and who you are. Some people’s eyes will light up as they regale you with a tale of their latest treasured find, while others will have the smell of mothballs swirling around in their mind as they envision pulling a used tissue out of an old sweater. Regardless of your stance, I’m here to proclaim Prince George as a thrift shopper’s paradise. And if you’re still shuddering from the thought of using people’s old goods, read on. I’m here to convince you to check out my top 3 thrift stores next time you are in the market for something.

“I don’t have time”, “I want something in good condition”, or “Isn’t that for people with NO money” are all things I’ve heard when talking about thrift shopping. Not only is thrift shopping easy on the wallet, it’s good for the environment. Our obsession with “new” and “bigger and better” has contributed greatly to pollution, environmental degradation and waste. So, so, so much waste. While I may not be able to convince you to wear someone’s old clothes, I hope I can convince you to incorporate some “pre-loved” kitchen items, furniture or funky décor into your life. Thrift shopping allows you to find interesting things that show your own personal style. Instead of displaying a reproduced IKEA print, take a browse through a thrift shop and I guarantee you will find something that piques your interest and will have your next house guests talking. Many new décor trend pieces (did someone say macramé), that sell for big bucks in high-end design stores can be found for much, much cheaper in a thrift store. Read on for more info on my top 3 thrift stores in Prince George.

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

dishes on a shelf

Not the dishes I bought so these ones are available.

Located at 1645 Third Avenue (across from the Native Friendship Centre) St. Vinnie’s is my go-to thrift store in Prince George. They’ve recently moved and secured a larger space for their plethora of used treasures. The store has a great selection of clothing for all ages, furniture and appliances, books, CDs, records, household items and craft supplies. I recently moved and swung by the store for some dishes. I walked out with a full set for under $10. You can feel good about dropping some cash since profits are used to fund the society’s Drop-In Centre. This well accessed service provides breakfast and lunch for up to 200 people per day. The thrift store is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am-4:30 pm.

Salvation Army Thrift Store

dog on a chair

One of my best thrift shop finds (the chair, not the cute dog).

I have yet to walk out of our local Sally Ann without purchasing something. The deals are just too good! The thrift store is located at 3500 18th Avenue, across from the College of New Caledonia (hear that, students?). The store has antiques, clothing, toys, sporting goods, books, and home décor. I’ve had particularly good luck with their furniture. Your grandpa is right, they don’t make things like they used to and buying older second-hand furniture often means you are getting much better quality that will stand the test of time. Check out this beautiful blue chair I nabbed last year. $15!

The store has regular sales, with the last Thursday of each month having 50% off everything in the store and each Saturday UNBC and CNC students get 30% off with valid student ID. The Salvation Army operates a large food bank for the community and profits from the thrift store help to fund it. Win, win!

Hospice Resale Shop

plants on a fireplace mantel

My plants have new homes thanks to the Hospice Resale.

My final top 3 thrift store is located outside of the downtown core but don’t let that deter you! The Hospice Resale Shop is located at 3051 McGill Crescent, in College Heights. Open Monday to Saturday 10:00 am-5:30 pm and Sundays 11:00 am-5:00 pm, the shop has the usual clothing, housewares, home décor, electronics and toys, and a decent selection of sports equipment. Proceeds support the Prince George Hospice Society and the many important services they provide to individuals and their families dealing with terminal health diagnoses. A few weeks ago I was repotting my indoor plants and needed to upgrade to larger pots. After scoping out a few of the larger stores in town and realizing brand new pots were beyond my budget I checked out the Hospice Resale Shop. Feeling silly for not doing so earlier I walked out with 4 new pots for under $15. As you can see below, my plants are just as pleased with their new homes as I am.

Whether you’re a seasoned second-hand shopper or a skeptic, I hope this blog has convinced you to get out there and check out the amazing array of used goods in our community. I’ll be the one with an armful of finds and a big grin.

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