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5 fantastic local snowshoes

Ever wonder what to do on a snowy day? How about a snowshoe through a winter wonderland? Prince George offers up numerous trails to explore and snowshoeing is an amazing, inexpensive way to adventure. Here are 5 great local snowshoes for the whole family.

Shane Lake Loop

Starting at the Greenway Trail, this is an easy 4.2 km snowshoe around Shane Lake. I love trekking through the trails under the snow-covered trees. Pop into the Makerie Craft and Coffee Bar and grab yourself and delicious specialty beverage and a treat and head on up for an adventure. The traditional pit house is the perfect pit stop for a snack or picnic lunch.

People snowshoeing Shane Lake loop.


Ferguson Lake Interpretive Trail

This pretty little trail is a 2.4 km loop. Such a pretty trail, especially for a night-time snowshoe! Ferguson Lake trail is perfect for a headlamp adventure on a cold night. Not too long, but enough to get your heart rate up. If you need to fuel up afterward, the Alpine Pub and Grill offers great eats! Pop in for a warm-up bevie after a cool adventure.

Ferguson Lake in winter

Credit: City of Prince George

Tabor Lake Recreational Area

Whether you’re wanting a short trail to stretch your legs, or a longer trail to explore, this rec area is amazing. So many fantastic, well-marked routes to explore. There are numerus shelters along the way to stop for lunch. If you have the time, take hike up to the Troll Lake and check out the little cabin. Once you get out here, I promise you’re not going to want to leave. The beautiful trail system winds through thick forest, making a person feel so far from the busy of the city, and yet, you’re only 20 min from downtown. Bring a thermos and fill it with your favourite soup from the Salted Cracker. 10 out of 10 recommend the Chicken Noodle!

Snowshoeing at Tabor Lake Recreational Trails

Goodsir Nature Park

Approximately 25km North of Prince George is a stunning property, generously offered up for adventures year-round. This is a by-donation park, owned by a local man, Jim Good, who has maintained and preserved this local wonder for all the enjoy. If you haven’t been out here, you are missing out on one cool trip. Besides the trails and interpretive signage, one can delve into the museums on site. There are multiple picnicking sites, and even a firepit for a warm lunch.

Livingston Springs

Approximately 45 min north of town is Livingston Springs at the Crooked River Provincial Park. This trail is a 10 km out and back trip to the warm-water springs that stay open all year round. There is a great trip, but after a heavy snowfall be prepared for some work! Bear Lake is famous for big dumps of snow. The beautiful scenery at the springs makes the trek worth it. Lunch down by the water is perfect. There is good shelter, and the wind is usually calm.

Livingston Springs in winter

Northern winters can feel long, but if you get outside and take advantage of what the area offers, it flies by. Be sure to always tell someone your trip plan, pay attention to weather reports and be prepared for changing conditions. Adventure safely!

Stay Wild PG,

Cherrie Cloarec

Pretty Wild Adventure Co.

About the Author: Cherrie Cloarec was born and raised in Prince George. She moved away to Calgary for 15 years but returned to the city she loves to raise her daughters. Cherrie is a full-time ER nurse at UHNBC, and owner of Pretty Wild Adventure CO, an outdoor adventure group for women. Her spouse is a paramedic and a world champion arm wrestler.  Her adventure pups Telsa and Bugatti, and her three horses love PG life.

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