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8 home-based businesses you should know about

Prince George is home to an extremely diversified economy that’s full of well-known businesses with retail fronts. Some of the best businesses begin at home, and Prince George also has a lot of home-based businesses you may or may not know about.

When you start a  home-based business, it provides you with so much more flexibility, which can include the hours you work, better juggling child care, or even just spending more time with friends and family. And for customers, it can sometimes mean that extra bit of attention to detail and customer service. 

Here are 8 home-based businesses you might not be aware of but should know about!

Food Production and Packaging

Homespun Refillery

Homespun Refillery

Fabulous Cakes by Jenn

Jenn is a home-based cake designer with all the latest tools and equipment to make your dream cake into a reality. She has completed the Cake Decorating Course at the Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver. She has a newfound knowledge for cake decorating techniques using fondant, modelling chocolate, pastillage, marzipan fruit modeling, gum paste, blow, and pulled sugar.

Check out Fabulous Cakes by Jenn on their website.

Homespun Refillery

Kyla opened Homespun Refillery to share her passion for sustainable goods that do more good than harm. Her mission is to reduce the amount of packaging and waste used for goods and cut down on single use containers by offering to refill them instead. Her hope is to inspire others to make a few small choices that can collectively make a huge impact with a simple process that allows you to enjoy products and reuse your containers again and again.

Check out Homespun Refillery on their website.

Marketing, Design, and Social Media Consultants

Woman on computer.

Simply Bailey Social Marketing

Ames Design Studio

Kate is a freelance graphic designer with a specialty in branding, blogging, and creating and collaborating with other artists. Her hope is to help other artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in Northern BC create their own brand, manage their online presence, and grow their audience.

Check out Ames Design Studio on their website.

Busy Boss Communications

Holly specializes in social media strategy, content creation, ads management, and training. She’s dedicated to helping her clients create simple plans for their social media content that allow them to grow their business and communicate online without being constantly busy and overwhelmed.

Check out Busy Boss Communications on their website.

Simply Bailey Social Marketing                   

Bailey specializes in managing social media; she believes it’s an online space to bring your real life community together with an opportunity to share your brand with other people. Bailey can help curate and create content, as well as engage and grow your online community.

Check out Simply Bailey Social Marketing on their website.

Wellness and Beauty

MP Make-up Artistry

MP Make-up Artistry

Honeybee Inspirations

Honeybee Inspirations began in 2011 as a way to showcase Melissa’s artistic endeavors. Over time, it has evolved and she has included many more creative projects and growing her passion for holistic wellness, specifically yoga and reflexology. Some services include: Sweet Release Yoga at Rainbow Park and Foot Reflexology.

Check out Honeybee Inspirations on their Facebook page.

Ladybug Wellness

Jackie is an intuitive healer, energy practitioner, facilitor, mother, and grandmother. At Ladybug Wellness, she provides weekly remote group energy balancing services and general energy clearing and balancing. She has a speciality in abundance alignment, business vitality alignment, resonating relationships, and energy clearing for animals. She also has meridian point and touch therapy sessions which include CCMBA and Black Pearl techniques and Reiki/Reiki Training Classes.

Check out Ladybug Wellness on their website.

MP Makeup Artistry

Mandy has been an award winning makeup artist since 2002 She trained at the school Completions International in Toronto, Canada, where she graduated top of her class. Mandy specializes in bridal, events, special events, face and body painting, and SFX makeup.

Check out MP Makeup Artistry on their website.

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