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Aaron LeBlanc

Director of Ancillary Services & Continuing Studies


Age: 38

The signs of Aaron LeBlanc’s contributions to community are all over UNBC. The major renovation to the cafeteria area is the most evident. Now a $6 million renovation to the university’s residences is underway, and again it is LeBlanc leading that project.

“As Director of Ancillary Services, Aaron is in charge of many aspects of the university and also responsible for a great deal of income that funds other parts of the university,” said one supporter. “his amazing business sense and entrepreneurial spirit have made each department of Ancillary Services very profitable over the years, allowing each department to expand and hire more people as well as provide amazing services to the people on campus.”

LeBlanc is from Prince George originally but was gone from the area when he accepted the position of manager of the young Northern Sports Centre. From there he was promoted to Ancillary Services to oversee the breadth of service-based and revenue-generation departments under the UNBC umbrella (bookstore, retail services, food services, conference centre, Continuing Studies, printing services, residences, etc.). He leads the coordination of more than 100 people.

At a 2015-16 budget meeting of the university senate, a pair of expert consultants called LeBlanc “the best director of Ancillary Services” they had ever seen, according to another supporter.

LeBlanc’s self-assessment: “Surround myself with amazing people and support them when they need it” he said. “When I moved to P.G. in 2010 I spent two years coaching the PGYSA all-star soccer teams. That experience allowed me to fully understand how connected UNBC is with this amazing city. That community connection is very important for UNBC and I feel Ancillary Services is fortunate to have so many touch points with Prince George.”

With all the marketing strategies and the upsurge in Northern Sports Centre memberships in recent years, so much more is to come under LeBlanc’s leadership.

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