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Art on the go

When I travel to any city in Canada I spend half of my day visiting art galleries and talking to artists. I am a hobbyist painter. I have been to dozens of cities of all sizes all over North America and walked miles searching for galleries and hidden art treasures in these cities. One may think there is not much the city of 76,000 people can offer when it comes to art in Prince George, but this small city is not any less than any big city when it comes to supporting art in the city. When you walk around the city you will see that the community embraces art in all forms: sculptures, murals, and paintings. The art in this city is spread all over, and not just confined to downtown like many other cities I have traveled.

The art galleries of Prince George

Art Battle in Prince GeorgeThe Two Rivers Gallery and Groop Gallery each have something unique to offer. Artists from all walks of life showcase their art in the local galleries which not only showcase their art, but also encourage and inspire naïve people like me to do something creative everyday whether it be creating a piece of art or applying creativity at work or home. The welcoming community is always ready to support any art event and as such, I have seen more people attending art events in Prince George than any other big city. I remember earlier this year Prince George hosted an art battle at one of the galleries in town. What was so remarkable about the event was the turnout; it was packed inside and out, but still everyone was enjoying every brush stroke by the contestants. Even the outside was a party as another artist was doing a 12 foot high mural.

Opportunities for artists

The city not only offers amazing opportunities for all levels of artists, but also connects these artists. The Prince George International Airport recently unveiled a mural created by a local artist which adds tremendous value to the city’s art and culture. Everyone in the city encourages art. Recently the local university, on the occasion of celebrating 25 years in 2015, started seeking proposals from artists to create a permanent public art installation at the University’s Prince George campus. Mural on outside wall of Groop Gallery

I visit the local art galleries once a week to get some inspiration and keep the enthusiasm alive. Whether you are visiting Prince George or are new to this city, you should check out the local art galleries and museums as there is so much we can learn from these establishments. Remember to look around the corners; in this city you will see art everywhere.

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