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Being a “Big Sister” in Prince George

When I moved the Prince George almost four years ago, I was inspired to get involved in a community activity. I had always wanted to be a mentor; especially after reflecting on the how the mentors in my youth modelled successful adult life for me. Through my research, I saw that mentoring could increase self-esteem, well-being, fulfillment and accomplishment of both the mentor and the mentee. I was excited at the opportunity that presented itself; a chance to really influence a young girl’s life.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Prince George was the right fit for me. I applied in August 2015 and was processed and matched with an 11-year girl in less than two months. We have been matched for over three years now and our relationship has been transformed into a true friendship. I was excited when I learned the BBBSPG organization and Hannah’s family were ecstatic to share our story on the Move Up Prince George blog.

Prince George is a match’s wonderland

Two girls at an exit room

We made it out!

The Traditional Program provides us with opportunities to create unforgettable mentoring moments. We receive a wide array of discounts at local business including the Exploration Place, EXIT PG (one of Hannah’s favourites), OVERhang (one of my favourites) and many others.

We are lucky that the community and the BBBSPG organization is so giving. In the last few years we have been gifted Prince George Cougars and Spruce Kings tickets, Theatre Northwest tickets, movie passes, swimming passes and many others. These opportunities are often the highlights of Hannah and my match activities, so thank you to our local community!

The opportunity to be a kid again

girl and horse drawn sleigh

Hannah at Triple D Draft Horses for a sleigh ride.

When we aren’t “painting the town red”, Hannah and I chill, chat, play board games, bake cupcakes, wrestle with my dog or watch movies at my place. She’s got the best sense of humour and always makes me laugh so hard. In turn, I look forward to the opportunities where I can be a positive influence for my Little Sister – offering advice, support and encouragement.

My Little Sister and I are very lucky to have a lot common – we both love animals (she’s a crazy cat girl and I’m a crazy dog lady), outdoor activities, movies, swimming, food and the list goes on. We often arrange our activities around our interests and are always willing to try something new.

Only adventure is over the horizon

two girls in front of a cabin in the snow

Hanging out with my little sister after a sleigh ride.

Almost every time we meet, Hannah and I daydream of our future activities. We describe swimming with great white sharks in South Africa or bungee jumping in Australia. After we have let our imaginations run wild, we get a little realistic (maybe we can re-visit those activities in 10 years) and make plans to climb Teapot Mountain together and ski at the Hart Ski Hill. We have both had the opportunity to try new things together and I always look forward to catching up with her every week.

I encourage anyone reading to engage in formal and informal mentorship. Being a Big Sister in Prince George has been a fantastic experience for me.

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