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Chelsea Gibson


Dreams do come true

Born in Calgary, Alberta and a transplant from busy downtown Toronto, I know what it is like to blend into the crowd. In Prince George, I’m able to stand out from the crowd, which has enabled me to make my dreams come true.

I was only six years old when I knew that I desired to be an entrepreneur. I would set up board meetings with stuffed animals and create businesses to open in the neighbourhood. I also had a dream of creating a space that would make the world a better place and where people could feel better. Somewhere people could go to be themselves, explore philosophy, spirituality and happiness; where they could be safe from judgment, ridicule, blame and guilt. I had a sense as a young child that there was something else possible in the world that was gentler, kinder and more nurturing. At the age of six I drew the first draft of what is now Wild Rose Wellness, a local wellness studio in Prince George and a Chamber of Commerce award nominee. If like me you have ever had a dream, Prince George is an unexpected perfect spot to make it happen.

Wild Rose Wellness StudioNow let’s get this straight: the draft isn’t exactly like I imagined. For instance there isn’t a statue of a dolphin in the front of my studio in Prince George. I do however operate, own, facilitate and practice a life long ability of passion of mine of change people’s lives. Having a lower cost of housing, having less distractions and the amazing ability to stand out in Prince George meant that I was able to create my business and my life. The way I desired! I had money and time unlike I did in Toronto. Since moving here seven years ago I am now running my own wellness studio, I have travelled thirty countries before thirty (making up to three new countries a year), was up for five Chamber of Commerce business excellence awards and am now a two time International Best Selling author. This was all created with the help and support of the Prince George community. This is the place you can do things you just can’t do with as much ease in larger communities. It is the perfect playground for ideas, exploration and creating your life.

Every time a client of mine is a little happier because of a session or a tool I shared in a workshop it has a ripple affect through the whole community. For every mother who is happier a happier family exists, for every boss who has a little less stress the happier their employees are and so on. Your impact isn’t lost in the sea because it actually carries beyond just you and beyond just a small network. I am so proud to call Prince George the place I got my degree, the launching ground of my business, workshops and my International Best Selling books. The next step is to ask what else can I create and do? I’m about twenty years ahead of schedule. That’s twenty more years of creating, travelling and growing.

When I choose to be greater, I get to share it with a community I love. If you have a dream of making it big in a company, trying a new business idea, buying a house with little debt, travelling the world, being you and being acknowledged for it, you may want to choose Prince George. It may be a small city, but it has big possibilities!

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