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How to enjoy fall in Prince George

Is it just me or did it become fall seemingly overnight? One day the air was warm and the leaves were green, and the next there was frost on my car in the morning and leaves crunching under my flip flops (time to put those away it seems). Fall always feels to me like a forgotten season, as we try to bridge the gap from camping, boating, and sangria on a patio, to snowshoeing, sledding, and hot chocolate in the ski lodge.

But we shouldn’t forget it – there’s so much to do! And especially in Prince George, where every season, whether long or short, is perfectly distinct, we should take advantage of everything that fall has to offer. Here is my list of ways we can, and should, all enjoy Fall in Prince George – for it will only last a couple of months until that snow flies!

Jessica-Quinn-Blog-Enjoying-Fall-4Grab the last remaining patio moments
We have some wonderful patios in Prince George, perfect for summertime patio hopping, but they will quickly be packed up to make room for snow piles. It’s important to savour them while we can! My top pick for this is the picnic area/patio at Northern Lights Estate Winery. Pack your picnic, buy a bottle of their yummy fruit wine (after you’ve tasted all you can, of course), and watch the leaves slowly fall and drift away down the Nechako River below.

Keep an eye on the sunshine
It’s that awkward time of year where our temperatures vary 20 degrees or more throughout the day and you don’t know if you should bring your heavy jacket out yet or not. It may be getting chilly in the mornings, but watch out for that high in the afternoon and get outside to soak up the last of the sun’s heat. We need to stock up on the vitamin D while we can!

This is a simple one. Following from above, when you get outside, visit some of the places in our city where you can truly appreciate the spectacular changing of the colours – there are so many options! My particular favourite at this time of year is LC Gunn Park, across the Fraser River from Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park, because you can see so much of Prince George and the surrounding hills, and the colours in the trees are breathtaking! It’s fun to visit this park in every season to compare the view.

Take photosJessica-Quinn-Blog-Enjoying-Fall-1
And while you’re doing this walking, take some photos! The light and the colour are stunning this time of year.

Seek out fall events

Keep an eye on the Tourism PG Event Calendar for fall related events, because there are some good ones! I’m looking forward to visiting a pumpkin patch with my toddler this year – Blackspruce Farms has a good one starting mid-October. Huble Homestead also offers family fun, with special events for Thanksgiving and Halloween. And for the adults, I’m hoping to find some PWB Oktoberfest activities again this year.

Plan ahead


Ok, we’ve danced around it enough – winter is coming. What can you do to get ready? You might not think this is enjoying fall in particular, but I’m a planner, so this is fun for me. Invest in a new toque (I have way too many but I let myself buy a new one every year). Think about what new winter activity you might like to try – want to get a new membership to Otway Nordic Ski Centre? Finally find out for yourself why snowshoeing is so popular lately? Maybe ripping down a hill on a small board is more your thing. Whatever it is, you’re here, there will be snow, you may as well embrace it and pick something. Get your winter tires put on (I know, I know, thanks Mom, right?). And finally, Christmas shopping! Over the next couple of months, markets and craft fairs will start popping up. Take advantage of these and get an early start on crossing things off your Christmas list. I particularly look forward to Studio Fair for this reason every year.

So, the seasons are changing, there’s no reason to pine after summer – get out there and enjoy fall!

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