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Enjoy hockey, theatre and more over the holidays!

With the school year coming to a close for many and time off approaching for people who work, now is a great time to begin to think about the holiday season. I myself am excited to spend time with my family and get out and enjoy some well-deserved fun. The holiday season is joyous for many of us, but it can be difficult for those who don’t have family in the city. I want to give some advice on things to do in Prince George if you find yourself experiencing the holiday season solo. The first thing you should not do is stay at home and drink all the eggnog you can stomach; trust me it doesn’t end well (Grant’s Christmas circa 2014 can attest). Get out and have some fun!

Enjoy a hockey game

My first suPrince George Cougars players celebratingggestion is to hit up a Prince George Cougar’s game. The cats have had a great season, so why not spend some of the holidays with a stadium of loud and cheerful local hockey fans? Going to a game is a great opportunity to see some familiar faces and meet some new locals, because if there’s one thing that a Cougar’s games is good for, it’s walking around and seeing at least 20 or so people you know in one night. I swear I haven’t been to a game this season where I’ve made a full lap of the arena during an intermission and haven’t said say “hi” at least once. If you find you don’t know anyone, don’t fret, for going to a game solo doesn’t mean you’ll be alone. One thing this community is known for is having a small town feel in a medium-sized city. The people beside you are almost always guaranteed to be willing to strike up a conversation. It’s in our nature as Prince Georgians!

Check out a theatrical performance

If hockey isn’t your thing, might I suggest theatre? All around the community from Theatre Northwest to the Art Space, local plays are going on, giving you an excuse to go out and watch some great live performances. A quick glance at Tourism Prince George’s website will give you a bunch of local shows from the intimate gallery to the local professional theatre. When you get to the play, remember where you are: Prince George art enthusiasts are a tight knit community and they’re always looking to talk about an amazing exhibit or a local artist that’s a must to check out. Be prepared for invites to many other shows down the road and make sure you’re willing to clear your schedule!

Theatre Northwest Alice in Wonderland production

Photo Credit: Philomena Hughes

Other activities

If you find that you’re looking for more things to do this holiday season, check out the Two Rivers Gallery, Exploration Place, the Prince George Public Library and Books and Company for events going on this holiday season. And know that you have people all throughout the community who will invite you into their homes and break bread with you. This is one of the best things about our community. It doesn’t matter if you’re a friend we’ve known forever or one we’ve just met, Prince George is welcoming and fun. Regardless of what you believe this time of year, one thing is certain: we should take pause and be thankful we live in community like Prince George where a new opportunity to connect and try something new is always just around the corner.

Happy Holidays!

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