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Enjoying my perfect autumn Saturday in Prince George

With all of the local camping, glamping, and travelling many of us have done around the Prince George region this year, autumn is an excellent time to take a step back and appreciate your city.

The leaves are already changing colors, the chill wind is calling your names, and you’re ready to don a sweater. What do you do with your precious days off? Here’s my ideal Prince George Saturday; maybe it will spark an idea for a new activity that you can try in the future.

Activity 1: Sweat it out

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Early morning workouts are my figurative cup of coffee and anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely looking forward to my first stop of the day: Orangetheory Fitness Prince George. People, I am obsessed with this place and I truly believe it is one of the best things to come to Prince George recently.

If you can spare an hour a few times a week, this workout is a combination of cardio and weight-training. You wear a heart rate monitor during your workout, and your real-time results are displayed on a large screen in the studio. The studio is very clean and is a safe environment to train in, especially now with COVID-19 precautions.

A little bit of working out goes a long way to improve my energy, motivation and mood for my Saturday. Once I am done my Saturday workout, it’s time to refuel with some food and drinks.

Activity 2:  Lunch and libations

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Are you an eat-to-live or a live-to-eat kind of person? I am the latter. As such, I am always looking for places to have lunch on the weekend. If eating-in at a restaurant is not your thing right now, most of them offer take-out for an at-home experience.

My Saturday pick for lunch is usually somewhere with a great gin Caesar. My two favourites are Nancy O’s and Earl’s Restaurant. I am currently loving the Macro Bowl (corn, cauliflower, beans, quinoa, edamame, pickled carrot and radish, cilantro, cucumber, blackened avocado, spicy tahini dressing, served with choice of: smoked tempeh, crispy Korean chicken or sautéed garlic prawns) from Nancy O’s and the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich + Fries from Earl’s.

Activity 3: Coffee and a walk with the dog

Trees and a meadow

A dog’s paradise, Moore’s Meadow. Photo credit: Prince George Matters.

If the weather is nice, it’s fun to get in a long walk with the dog on the weekend. My dog loves running around through Prince George’s off leash dog parks. Moore’s Meadow is my dog’s favourite pick to get his much-needed exercise. Krystin’s blog post describes the benefits of living in Prince George as a dog owner.

Most of the time, we make our coffees at home and set out on our walk but if we are feeling particularly lazy, I love to frequent some of the coffee shops in Prince George on the way. Ritual pours a delightful Cortado. I haven’t been there yet, but I am also particularly interested in grabbing coffee from The Makerie.

Some R&R at home

Puzzle on a table

Success! Staying in on a Saturday to finish our puzzle.

Finally, it is time to wind down at home. I am sometimes grateful there is no immediate pressure to go out on the weekend anymore and I get to enjoy some time at home. I love to throw a bath bomb in a bath or lather in a goat milk soap and just chill out.

Locally made bath bombs can be found at one of my favourite artisans: Blissful Bubbles Boutique.

Locally made soap can be found from another one of my favs: The Happy Paddler Soap Company. I actually got some as a gift recently and it was soooo nice on my skin.

These are my favourite things to do on a Saturday in Prince George, what are yours?


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