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Exploring the cold and warm sides of winter

Have you been enjoying winter so far? Are you in love with all of the snow? Or just trying your best to stay warm? I was having a hard time on figuring out how to enjoy the winter when I first moved to Prince George; sometimes I just wanted it to end until I tried passing the winter it in two opposite ways: cold and warm. I figured out that snowboarding is fun and cool and is even better when followed by sharing warm and yummy foods with my friends.

The eye opener

It was a cold afternoon with the temperature sitting at -18 degrees Celsius. All I could see was the highway during our hour-long drive to the ski hill and all I heard during our drive were the happy stories and laughs shared inside the truck with my friends. When I first saw the mountain covered in snow, my eyes got bigger and my heart started beating fast because of excitement I felt about trying snowboarding for the very first time. And here I am, standing in front of the Purden Ski Resort. I saw lots of happy faces, sliding down the mountain with their skis and snowboards on. The reality that I would soon be one of those happy faces hit me when my friends tapped my shoulder to head up the hill.

The rise and fall

We were all set, and our snowboarding gear was on. One by one, we started climbing up through the t-bar. Then, it was my turn. I was all prepared, focused and excited as I grabbed the t-bar on my way up. But I was too clumsy and lost my balance and fell on a bunch of snow. I was really determined to go up the hill and tried it again five to seven times. I still fell. Nothing was going to stop me, not even falling a few times on my way to the top. After falling so many times, I decided to hike up the bunny hill.

An adrenaline rush is exciting

Here I am, almost on top of the hill. I put my snowboard on and excitement was running in my veins, I stood, bent my knees and started snowboarding my way down the hill. The feeling was surreal. It was almost perfect until I lost my balance and fell down on my butt and did a couple of face plants. It was super fun. For a first timer, I enjoyed it very much. Again, I went up and snowboarded down, until I was all covered with snow. It was fantastic and I will do this again ever winter and try to practice the art of balancing. It was four in the afternoon and I wanted to snowbaord more. But it was time to say goodbye to the hill because it was closing time. This experience was so fun and exciting and gave me an adrenaline rush. I might invest in a pair of snowpants because I didn’t wear any and my pants were all wet because of too much snow.

Time to warm up

On our way home, we decided to have a warm soup and try Japanese Cuisine at Mr. Sushi. It was a perfect place to spend winter in a warm way. The place was warm and there were a lot of choices. We tried the miso soup and ramen to make us warm and a combo of sushi, rice, vegetables and beef. It was great. We felt warm and full. We’ll definitely go back to Mr. Sushi.

Have any of you tried snowboarding? Feel free to comment and give some tips for new snowboarders and the best places to snowboard. Are you a food lover and have you tried Mr. Sushi? Please recommend your favourite places for food and we will try it.

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