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Gems of Prince George


Exploring the gems of Prince George

Life is about enjoying the ride and not worrying about reaching to our destination

Prince George, my home away from home offered me so much in such a short span of time that I can even write a book about it. Everything about this city never ceases to surprise me. The moment I think that I have seen everything this city can offer me, something just magically appear in front of me. So it happened when I was biking around the cottonwood park a week ago, I took the trail which I have not seen before. It led me to a secluded area near the Nechako river, it was so calm and quite the only thing I can hear was water lashing the stones and a couple of birds chirping. I spent like 20 minutes there just listening to this mesmerizing sounds and gazing the dancing water. Oops! I am sounding philosophical; I don’t like this word “philosophical” so hard to say it, especially for a person whose native language is not English. If I have to recommend you must see places where you can enjoy a cup of coffee on a lazy weekend or reading a book while soaking some sunshine, here are some of my favorite spots.

Reflection Lake in Prince George

Reflection Lake – for a nice hike around forest of the world 

You cannot get closer to this lake but you can be mesmerized by what you will see. This secluded lake is shaped like African continent, but without all the wildlife around it. So no need to worry, nothing is going to get out, but some mosquitoes will be there to embrace you with all the “love”. I took this picture while sitting on the ridge. You know what I love about this city; it is so green and lush. If you have lived in a city with 13 million people, you know what I am talking about. In our busy lives we tend to forget to enjoy things around us, living in this city make me realize there is more to journey of life, it is about stopping here and there and enjoying place like reflection lake.

Connaught Hill Park

Connaught Hill Park –   #lunch date #reading #coffee #spectacular view of the city #me time #squirrels

Sigh! What can I say about this amazing park on top of a hill without reminiscing about the time I spent there and end number of beautiful memories.   This is my favorite spot for weekend breakfast and lunch dates. Every time I go there I meet some interesting people like a couple who traveled all over North America on their motorbike, a man who collect pine corn, runner who want run all over BC, and so many interesting people. The view is spectacular from this hill park; you can see the whole city, the bridge, the tree line………. Wonderful thing about this spot is that you will notice something new every time you visit this park.

Shane Lake in Forests for the WorldShane Lake – #fishing #amazing deck #cabin #squirrels here as well #hike #moose #bonfire

The hike to Shane Lake is so much fun! You can even bike there if you like. This is just a short hike away from University of Northern British Columbia. Don’t forget to take some marshmallows with you, there is a fire pit, a beautiful deck, many trails, thimbleberries, raspberries, and of course beautiful lake. I have seen so many pets enjoying time at this lake. Fishing is fun there, everyone catches fishes at this lake but me. Well at the end of the day at Shane Lake I always have a good story to share. Let me save that story for next time.

Prince George, my home away from home has so many hidden gems that are yet to be explored and I will not stop looking for them; you can join me in this journey.

More to come in my next blog!

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