Get to know Prince George from a local point of view.


Finding home in Prince George

Early years

I was born in Williams Lake and spent my early teens to early twenties in Horsefly. (Yes, Horsefly is a real place and it is beautiful! There is still no cell service in the community to this day – I love going there to unplug.) During those years I was incredibly fortunate to travel frequently with my mom, who has seen a large amount of this amazing world. 

After leaving Horsefly I lived in multiple areas of BC and Alberta – generally only staying in each place for about a year. When I relocated to Prince George, it was also with the intention of staying for “one year” – little did I know it would turn into fourteen and counting.


My decision to relocate to Prince George was based on a career opportunity. I was working for a regional airline in Kelowna and they offered me a position in PG. I packed all of my possessions into my car and moved up North. I have always been excited for the changes that come with moving and my journey to PG was no exception. 

Finding home

I quickly settled into Prince George and realized that it felt like home. This is a very easy place to meet like-minded people and build relationships – I very much value the friends I’ve made who have become family. 

Hikers at top of Nechako Ridge.


Although my decision to relocate to Prince George was based on a career opportunity; my decision to stay has been based on the community itself.

I joined the YMCA of Northern BC shortly after moving here and quickly became a Zumba and Pound fitness instructor. I have taught classes for many enthusiastic participants in the city and have built friendships with a lot of them. It is very rare that I go anywhere in this city and don’t see at least see a couple of smiling faces that I know! 

I have volunteered at numerous different fundraising events in the city and I have loved being a part of every single one. The residents of PG are genuinely caring and generous people – whether it be a Zumba event for Wheelin’ Warriors of the North or KidSport PG or pouring beer at the Kiwanis AleFest, you can count on community members to be enthusiastically supportive.

Pound class outside.


Adventuring, live entertainment, cross country skiing, arts/crafts – these are just a few of my favourite pastimes in Prince George. 

If you’re looking to hike, snowshoe, paddle board/kayak, back country camp, forage in the forest, horseback ride and more – check out The Adventure Bus.  They are knowledgeable, inclusive, certified and insured!

I have loved every single performance at Theatre Northwest. The amount of detail, hard work, and passion they put into every performance is very apparent – plus they sell The Cookie Attic treats in the lobby.

The Caledonia Nordic Ski Club is an amazing place to cross country ski.  Whether you’re a beginner or have advanced skills – there is a trail for everyone there!

Learning to make pottery was on my bucket list for a long time and I crossed it off at Studio 2880. The instructors were knowledgeable, the facility was professional, and I learned that my pottery career was meant to be short – haha!  But in all seriousness, it was a wonderful experience and I have high regard for all the potters who create such beautiful pieces. 

Woman at top of Teapot Mountain.

A beautiful life

Prince George has been a place of new beginnings, finished chapters, growth, discovery, and opportunity and I am grateful to call it home!

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