Get to know Prince George from a local point of view.


Fishing holes to cast your line in solitude

Prince George is home to over 1600 lakes, rivers and streams within 100km radius of the city centre.

Currently 65 lakes in the Omenica Region are stocked with trout by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC. It certainly is an angler’s paradise.

But which water to choose!? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.


For easy casting, and family friendly fishing, try some of the lakes close to town. 

Dock at Shane Lake

Shane Lake: Located in Forest for the World behind UNBC, this is an easy lake to fish, with dock access. The lake is about a 15 minute walk from the parking lot to the lake and also features a picnic area and viewing platform.

Ness Lake: The Regional Park has a boat launch and picnic area. Located 35km northwest of the city, this lake is also popular for ice fishing.

Ferguson Lake: Heading north out of town, but still within city limits, this lake is perfect for family fishing. The dock offers easy casting, or you can wade in to increase your odds! The Ferguson Lake Nature Reserve also has a short loop trail and picnic tables.

Eena Lake: About 20km northwest of the city centre, featuring a boat launch, dock and an island in the middle. This is a great lake to fish with kids.

For a more remote experience try some spots further afield.  Directions to these lakes can be found at  

Cobb Lake: 70km west of town, this lake has a boat launch and is stocked with trout to fish all year round. 

Nelson Lake: A 40min drive from Prince George, west of town on the Blackwater road. You have to hike in on a rough 250 meter pathway to dock from the recreation site. This lake is stocked with rainbow trout.

Eskers Park: 40km northwest of town, this park has many lakes to fish including Camp, Kathie, Bow or Butterfly. The lakes are hike in access, but you can cast from the shore and catch trout or kokanee. 


There are some tributary rivers that make for great casting. The best fishing is late summer and into the fall for most rivers.

Crooked River: An hour north of Prince George, within the Fraser Basin and surrounded by Square Lake, Hart Lake and Bear Lake, plus year round cold springs (Livingstone Springs). The river is home to bull trout and arctic grayling.

Nechako River: Located in town, with good access and host to a variety of species. You can fish from shore or use a jet boat to search in rapids, boulders or log jams for fish.

Willow River: East of Prince George, accessed from the Upper Fraser Rd, this is a good spot to cast a line and hook a trout.  

Bowron River: Heading east of Prince George, this river can be accessed from the Upper Fraser FSR. Boasting a variety of species including Coho salmon, the river often offers a bite!

Chilako River: A tributary of Nechako River, located about 25 minutes west of town in Beaverly, accessed on the Lower or Upper Mud River Rds. 


If you’re unsure where to go, how to setup your tackle and what lures to use visit for tips and tricks.

You can also visit Tourism Prince George to borrow a rod and tackle box. 

No matter where you go, don’t forget these three tips:

  1. Purchase a fishing licence
  2. Check the regulations
  3. Head to the lake or river and be safe on the water!
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