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Fitness options in Prince George

Bringing a new life into the world can throw your world upside down. There are so many more new responsibilities that it often can leave you wondering if making your health and fitness a priority can be done, and I’m here to tell you that IT CAN. It may look a little different and take more planning then it used to, but it IS possible and it doesn’t have to be torture. There’s a ton of local options here in PG for new moms to get their bodies back into pre pregnancy shape. Here are my top 5 tips for how to incorporate fitness into your new life:

Getting fit again after pregnancy

1. Find a  group fitness class which provides childcare – On The Move Fitness provides childcare which allows you to bring your baby right into class if needed. The babies sit together on the floor only a few feet from you while your able to do your workout so you can tend to them if need be. You can purchase punch cards, drop in or buy a membership for a variety of classes including both cardio and weight training. Group power is one of my personal favorites and will give you a full body workout. It’s great for those who feel lost when it comes to weight training.

Tasha holding her baby2. Do a home workout – You don’t need to purchase an entire home gym to be able to workout at home. There are many workout videos available for free on youtube which don’t require a lot of equipment. Head down to Rocky Mountain Fitness where you will find a variety of options that are easy to store and won’t need a lot of space. Some basics I would start with are exercise bands, a yoga matt and 5-10lb dumbbells. If you want to commit to something more serious, they also carry elliptical machines, home gyms, recumbent bikes and pretty much anything else you can imagine or need.

3. Get a quality stroller – Personally I find the easiest way to get my cardio done with my baby is to put him iTasha taking her baby for a walkn the stroller. If you are really into running, I would definitely recommend getting something high quality and designed specifically for running. Take a trip down to Everything Baby where you will find the all famous BOB strollers with car seats. They also have heavy duty packsacks designed for hiking with your baby or you can opt for a cloth carrier for more casual walking. The Ergo 360 is the most comfortable and won’t hurt your back.

4. Don’t let the weather stop you – It is always nice to get outside as often as possible, not only for yourself but the fresh air and nature sounds will help your little one to sleep better. However, the weather isn’t always predictable so if it’s raining out, you can always go to the Northern Sports Center and use the track there. It’s stroller friendly so you can bring your babe with you but they do have child care as well if you want it.

5. Take your time – It took 40 weeks to grow your baby so getting back into shape won’t happen overnight. Expect a minimum of 4-6 weeks recovery time but make sure to consult with your doctor before you jump back into things. If you are not getting much sleep, exercise won’t do you any good, it will actually just make it harder on you. A lot of moms don’t feel ready until 3 months postpartum when the babies start to sleep longer at night. Everyone mom has a different circumstance and comfort level. Don’t rush into it and remember that your baby will only be an infant once, so make sure you enjoy the bonding time together and find a balance of what works for you.

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