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For the love of reading: An ode to Prince George’s library

Last year I endeavoured on spending more time at home as a result of the pandemic. Since most of us are stuck inside for the time being, there’s no better time than now to immerse ourselves in the explorations, escapades, and drama books can offer us. We can at least live vicariously through the protagonist’s stories, their extreme highs and lows, and gain some inspiration for our own future travel plans!

People are reading more books during the global pandemic. This is quite evident all over the world and in major markets such as Canada, US, UK and Australia. Book sales are on the rise and even major publishers are generating a tremendous amount of revenue.” I have always had a love for reading and with the temporary changes to everyone’s lifestyles, I ended up spending quite a bit of money on new books. Book sales are booming during the pandemic, and my wallet has first-hand experience.

That’s when I decided to head to the Bob Harkins Branch of the Prince George Public Library in Prince George to see what kind of resources we have in the city. It has really been a great experience. I have been a steady patron of the library for almost a year now. Not to mention, I’ve found every book I’ve wanted to read at the library; the selection is really impressive! It’s a fantastic place for anyone in and around Prince George who is interesting in reading and learning on their own or with their family.

My top pandemic reads at the Prince George Public Library

Library stacks.

Photo credit: City of Prince George

I have to say I am a sucker for easy, comfy reads and historical fiction. Here are my top reads from the last year (all found in the PGPL system!):

The new entrance of the Bob Harkins Branch

Prince George Public Library entrance opening.

Photo credit: City of Prince George

The downtown branch entrance has also currently undergone a much-needed facelift. In December 2020, the branch re-opened with an improved entrance. This entrance offers accessibility improvements such as an enhanced elevator service, accessible parking, and better stair access. Not to mention it’s gorgeous and sleek!

I really think the Prince George library is an under-utilized resource. I encourage those who live in the city to really support this tax-payer funded facility. There are books, e-books, movies, and a plethora of other amazing resources for you and your family.

Don’t know where to start? The librarians are a wealth of knowledge and can provide any emerging reader with guidance on navigating the library system. I continue to use this resource with pride and will continue post-pandemic. A library card is free and the benefits are priceless!

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