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Get outside more by getting involved with local clubs

With COVID-19 taking hold of our lives over the last year, it has never been more important to find ways to get outside and enjoy nature and our friends while maintaining social distancing. Outdoor exercise can help with stress and allow the body and mind time to recharge.

One thing I really like about Prince George is the number of like-minded people who love our backyard for the adventure opportunities it provides and find ways to encourage others to participate in these activities through the formation of multiple clubs, user groups, and tour operator businesses.

Outdoor activity clubs

There are a multitude of outdoor activities to partake in and clubs and guides that represent them, including:

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Kayaking and stand up paddle boarding
  • Motorsports, such as ATVing and dirt biking
  • Trail running
  • Rock Climbing
  • Fly fishing
  • Hunting

Perhaps you’re new to the city and don’t know where to start, or maybe you’re interested in getting into a new sport or activity and you just want some guidance from experienced individuals. Whatever your needs, the following groups are a perfect place to start when you’re looking to try a new sport or activity.

Get into hiking

Hiker at the top of Torphy Trail.

Jeff Young on top of Torphy Trail.

A great outdoor activity in Prince George is hiking, but many of us may not know where to hike or would rather gain some knowledge with more advanced hikers before venturing out into the great unknown alone. If that is the case, you could contact the Caledonia Ramblers hiking club  or Meg Keir of The Adventure Bus, a unique Prince George business offering guided hikes for all levels of hikers. 

Get onto the water

Woman paddle boarding down river. paddle boarding in the spring.

Prince George is surrounded by lakes and rivers. Getting out on the water is one of my favourite ways to unwind and recharge, whether I am going for a paddle or trying to reel in a fish. Getting comfortable on the water is key to enjoying this pursuit, and this is made easy for you with the help of people like Kimberley Kenyon of Born to Board, the Prince George Canoe and Kayak Club, or the Northwest Brigade Paddling Club. If you just want to find out more about the local fishing scene, then try Prince George Fishing on Facebook or check out The Prince George Fly Fisher.

Get into mountain biking

Mountain biker on boardwalk.

@drezy12 taking a drop.

Another one of my favourite activities in Prince George is mountain biking. The local trails have grown leaps and bounds in the last ten years and we truly have world class riding available minutes outside our doors. For some guidance on where trails can be found, you need look no further than the PG Cycling Club

Additional resources

This is by no means a complete list of clubs out there willing to point you in the right direction, but is meant to inform anyone that doesn’t already know that the community of Prince George is active and welcoming. There are all kinds of people just like you, wanting to share their passion and excitement for the outdoors.

For more resources on finding like-minded groups for your favourite activities in Prince George, check out the Tourism Prince George website or the City of Prince George’s Community Recreation Directory

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