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Girls’ night out

After a long week of motherhood and work, I decided to celebrate my 31st birthday with a girls night out! I was long overdue for a night to relax and unwind with a group of my favourite women. A core group who has stuck with me through all life’s peaks and valleys has left me friendships with people that I truly admire and treasure. At this age I find everyone has their own busy schedules and it takes much more of an effort to organize just a casual get together. Being a new mom it’s important to remember to make time for yourself, child and spouse free, as it is not uncommon to go an entire week without even wearing makeup or doing your hair.

Getting ready

Before and after makeupSo when my birthday started to approach I became more than floored to get dolled up for a night of dancing, laughing and chatting. Any time I want to feel extra beautiful, I get my makeup professionally done. Since an average day for me usually consists of some tinted moisturizer and a quick flick of mascara, it’s a real treat and makes me feel even more special. The girls down at The Razors Edge Day Spa know their stuff and if your budget isn’t too tight the velour lashes will give you an even more glamorous look. You could always make a day out of it and get your hair done as well. All the stylists there attend the Bumble and Bumble University in New York City for training and they have been rated the #1 hair studio in Prince George. Really, to me, girls night out is not only about getting a break and spending time with the ladies you love, it is a night all about YOU and getting to take time for yourself and whatever makes you feel at your best. So whatever makes you feel great whether it be a pedicure, facial, or brow wax, the razors edge will have a service for you. Ask about their group rates if you want to bring your friends.

Finding the perfect place to eat

Once I got my glam on, it was time to decide where to go.Girls' night out I knew I wanted to start the night off with dinner but was torn on where to go. The food at the Authentic Japanese steakhouse Shogun is to DIE for and I’ve been craving the scallops there for some time. The teppanyaki style cooking is always entertaining to watch and the sushi is fresh. On the other hand, I also wanted somewhere with great atmosphere and a busy vibe where the girls and I could really have a blast so it ended up working out perfectly when I discovered Nancy O’s happened to have a live show that weekend.

We made our way down to 3rd avenue and walked into a small pub style restaurant filled with people of all ages. It seats around 60 people so it feels cozy and laid-back, plus the menu includes fresh produce from the local farmers market which is always a bonus. They have a collection of over 60 beer and cocktails from all around the world so there are a ton of interesting drinks to choose from. We had a delicious meal paired with spectacular live entertainment and tasty beverages. I walked away that night feeling like I was glowing from the inside out. I feel lucky, refreshed, beautiful and at peace just from taking that one single night to myself.

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