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A healthcare experience that my life changed forever…again!

It was October 26th. Many people were putting the final touches on their Halloween costumes, going out to purchase candy, or waiting in line to get their tires changed over before the first snowfall in Prince George. On this day, none of these things were on my mind. I was at the University Hospital of Northern BC with my wife surrounded by great healthcare professionals getting ready to welcome my second son into the world. Shortly before 7:30 pm after a long day I had the privilege of holding a 5lb, 9oz bundle of joy. 

The importance of a strong healthcare system

It’s a well-known fact that a strong medical system is not only important to the health and safety of a community but also plays a critical role in the economic development of a community. Without a strong healthcare system, our community couldn’t effectively attract new residents; luckily, we have a great healthcare system and it’s only getting stronger.

Growing up, I was fortunate to have been fairly healthy and to not have had a need to experience the healthcare system first hand. In the last few years, I have learned that at a time when it’s needed most, the entire system comes together and I have had been able to see just how exceptional the medical system is in Prince George. 

A caring experience during our son’s birth

Tim's sons Ryan and Ian

My sons Ryan and Ian.

I wish I could say that Ian’s birth occurred as planned: It didn’t, and once again we had an opportunity to see how everyone works together in a patient-focused atmosphere. During our days at the hospital, we were privileged to be under the care of numerous specialists, residents, nurses, our doula, midwife and other hospital staff. Everyone was a true professional and made sure that my wife Carli and our baby were well taken care of and involved in making decisions. We were listened to, respected and cared for.   

We have a teaching hospital in Prince George. Some people may not like the sound of it, but watching it in action showed why this model is so important. Throughout, our entire stay I witnessed these professionals providing mentorship to future midwives, nurses, and doctors. Mentorship is a powerful tool and has proven successful in building skills and confidence. It was incredible to witness first hand, and it’s safe to say that the future of our local healthcare system is in good hands.

Getting settled into our new normal

Life is starting to return back to normal. I am back at work, my son Ryan is in Kindergarten and my wife and baby Ian are at home trying to fill the day. 

You don’t realize it at first, but there are a lot of things in the community to support new mothers and babies. Here are three very valuable resources in our community for new parents and babies. 

  1. Prince George Diaper Service: This local business won the 2017 Prince George Chamber of Commerce Innovator of the Year award. Why? Because they have found a way to make the decision to use cloth diapers easier and more affordable. 
  2. Prince George Breastfeeding Café: This group of new moms gets together once a month to offer information and support to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. With the support of local doulas, you can visit and get support and advice in a safe environment.
  3. Playgrounds Café: This local business cleaned up at the 2017 Business Excellence Awards, winning both the Environmental Awareness and the Business of the Year Awards. This place is a must go, especially if you have more than one child. This café offers delicious homemade soups, crepes and baked goods. You can grab a coffee, have a visit and allow your toddlers an opportunity to play in a safe, supervised, age-appropriate play space conveniently located right next to the café.

I once again want to thank the entire team who supported Carli and Ian and more importantly want to highlight the great medical professionals we have in our region. Our healthcare system is another reason why Prince George is a place you should call home.

I look forward to sharing more adventures including Ryan and Ian over the next year. Until then, you can always connect with me on Twitter and/or Instagram at @tiben12 and join the conversation on the Move Up Prince George Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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