Get to know Prince George from a local point of view.

Helicopter landing on a mountain


Taking flight in Prince George

My wife and I made the move to Prince George, British Columbia when we were both offered jobs that promised a more stable family life and opportunities for growth in our respective careers.

We are both originally from beautiful BC, but we were living in Alberta before moving to Prince George. I was working shifts in BC and travelling back to be with my family on my days off. The offers we received in Prince George meant we would be able to be a family living and working from the same city. It also meant we would be closer to our extended families. My wife also has family in Prince George and it has been very exciting to reconnect with them.

Landing a helicopter on a mountainIn my career as a commercial helicopter pilot, I get to meet incredible people and experience amazing locations from unique perspectives. Prince George and the surrounding area is a great place to fly. To the east of Prince George is the Rocky Mountain chain, which is largely untouched territory. It’s a great pleasure to fly people into these pristine rugged mountains, especially when we set down to enjoy the stunning scenery.

The mountains near Prince George offer a massive unpopulated playground for outdoor adventurers. Helicopters are a great way to access alpine lakes, majestic mountain meadows, and rugged ridges for various activities. I get to take people on back country drops for hiking, fishing, camping, mountaineering, climbing, biking, snowshoeing, skiing, picnics, marriage proposals, weddings, exploration, photography, cinematography, flight seeing tours…the opportunities are only limited by one’s imagination.

Being a part of the Aberdeen Helicopters Ltd. team has been awesome. My boss has been in operation for over 21 years serving Prince George and area and he genuinely cares for this community. It’s been great to learn about the city and area and numerous people through him. Joining the team at Aberdeen Helicopters has provided me ample opportunities to grow in my field. My boss has invested training into me and continues to be a mentor for which I’m grateful. He has also provided a steady job with a contract. Through my position at work I’ve also experienced first-hand how people in this city pull together to make great things happen.View of the Rocky Mountains from a helicopter

My family and I have enjoyed the move to the city of Prince George not only for professional, but also for personal reasons. We really appreciate the hospitality we’ve experienced in Prince George and the surrounding area. The ‘hub’ city for the region also has ample sports facilities, outdoor recreational opportunities within the city limits and short drives from the city, shopping, restaurants, trendy cafes, concerts and more. I purchased a mountain bike after moving to Prince George and explored the trail networks of the Otway Nordic Ski Centre and Pidherny, and have also hiked and biked in the mountains with friends. We also purchased a canoe and look forward to this upcoming summer to get out and explore with it. Having numerous walking and hiking trail networks within city limits, such as Forests for the World, means we get the kids out for ‘more green time and less screen time’, which is very important to us.

The opportunity for outdoor adventure is endless and we enjoy being centrally located in this beautiful province to be able to explore our favourite places and go on new adventures to new locations. We look forward to exploring further this city and wild places that surround it.

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