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It takes a village: A guide to having a new baby in Prince George

There’s nothing more exciting and terrifying than having a new baby. The first few weeks are filled with many exciting “firsts”, little sleep, and a constant feeling of “what am I even doing?!” At least that’s how I felt after I had my first baby this summer. Don’t despair expecting and new moms of Prince George! The city offers plenty of services and supports to help guide new moms through those early days.

Finding help

baby and mom

Receiving expert care at the University Hospital of Northern British Columbia.

The early days with a new baby can be overwhelming and filled with millions of questions. Fortunately, Prince George offers many services that can help new parents transition into their roles with confidence. There are many caregivers in the city that can provide support and guidance including expert teams of doctors, midwives, and nurses, all of whom can answer any question you may have about your baby. There are also other supports from Lactation Consultants and Doulas that can provide much guidance and insights during the early days. In addition to the medical care that parents have access to, there are many additional resources for parents as well including The Breastfeeding Cafe, Postpartum Passages, and La Leche League. All of these groups allow new parents to ask questions in a safe environment, and find support among peers who are facing similar challenges.

Getting out with baby

grandma and baby in coffee shop

Having coffee at Books and Company.

Once you’re up and about, there are many baby friendly activities and programs that can get you out and about. The Public Library offers the popular “Baby Time” every week which features fun songs and stories. If you’re looking for exercise opportunities, you can attend baby friendly classes at Chinook Yoga or Framework Fitness, both of whom specialize in postnatal fitness. For something more informal, you can meet friends for coffee at Books and Company or Play Grounds Cafe, which both offer comfortable environments for parents and their children.

Finding things for baby (and mom too)

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There seems to be a trend for many bigger retailers to reduce maternity and Baby goods in stores and force mothers to shop online. Hardly ideal when you don’t know you are looking for. This has spurred many local entrepreneurs to fill in the gaps. Stores like Everything Baby have many specialty products that are hard to find anywhere but online and new stores such as Nest and Sprout Maternity helps mom with her wardrobe needs from early days of pregnancy to nursing her new baby. If you’re looking for something unique for your little one, there are many local entrepreneurs who make one-of-a-kind handmade products for baby, many of whom can be found at the annual Little Bean Market.

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