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Julia McLachlan

Northern Region Branch Manager

CBI Home Health

Age: 33

Looking after society’s most vulnerable is cause enough to appreciate Julia McLachlan, but you must also factor in her successful pursuit of higher education, developing the business model around which key healthcare is delivered, establishing a communications network across a vast region, and all the while being a loving mom.

CBI Home Health provides at-home medical services for those living outside hospitals and care facilities but nonetheless need help. Some have chronic pain, some suffer from diseases or lingering injuries, many are simply living with the effects of aging. CBI’s Prince George branch was a fledgling when McLachlan came on board less than two years ago, but it has thrived and spread across the entire north.

“It is evident she values the communities she serves by always being mindful and reminding the staff that those clients we care for are pioneers in their communities and must be treated with respect,” said one supporter.

Her path to leadership included a BA from UNBC in 2004. She went on to attend BCIT and UVic, plus work experience in the public relations field. She then went back to school obtaining her MBA from Athabasca University while also a young mother. She wanted her children to be raised in Prince George.

“I think my most proud accomplishment is completing my school and reaching my goals with two young children at home,” she said, even able to invest time in the parent advisory council and other parental duties at school, be the team parent at baseball, etc.

Others would say her business acumen is pretty pride-worthy as well. She modestly concedes that she’s had to be “creative about how we train, recruit” and fan out their resources across a giant region. “I use online tools, phone, good communication to ensure we maintain our team.”

The company is expanding and so are the health benefits provided under McLachlan’s leadership.

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