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Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park

Whether I’m meeting someone for a walking lunch, hanging out with my mom-friends, going for a run, soaking up some sun, entertaining children or just simply have time to kill, Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park is at the top of my list of Prince George parks to visit.

The activities and options to amuse yourself at this park are plenty and we’re truly lucky to have this green gem in the heart of our city. I recently spent an afternoon at Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park (formerly Fort George Park) with a mind to experience it all.

Walking trails and green space

I started the afternoon with a stroll on the trails that wind around and through the park. Weaving around beautiful flowerbeds, skirting the various parks and sitting high above the riverbank, the paved trails are great for strollers or wheelchairs, and offer sun or shade – whatever you’re looking for!

View of the Nechako RiverTake in the views

No meander through the park is complete without stopping at the riverbank. I sat myself at one of the benches to take in the view. From here, you can see the cutbanks that drop down below LC Gunn Park, as well as the convergence of the Nechako and Fraser Rivers, which makes for some stunning colours in the river below as the waters mix.

Picnic space

After getting in my exercise, it was time to eat! There are many benches throughout the park, lots of grass to spread a blanket, or groups of picnic tables here and there. I opted for a picnic table to enjoy my take out lunch with my companions. It was shaded by the big trees, prime location for people watching, and close to the park restrooms (which, I must add, are always pleasantly clean and stocked!).

Playground & waterpark

After eating, kids want to play! In the middle of the park, you can find a large playground complete with swings, slides, jungle gym, and more, and down the hill, there’s a great water park for the hot days. As for the big kids, there is even a beach volleyball court (bring your own ball!).

Dinosaurs at The Exploration PlaceThe Exploration Place

The Exploration Place Museum and Science Centre offers fun for the whole family and is a great stop for locals and tourists alike. Travelers can stop here to give the kids a break, stretch and eat lunch; locals can bring the kids to see the dinosaurs and reptiles, view the science and local history exhibits, and even learn things while they’re playing. Exploration Place also offers a variety of summer camps and preschool options. Be sure to check out the urban garden project outside too, which is mostly planted and tended to by the kids attending summer camps.

The Little Prince trainThe Little Prince

The little steam engine that could has been running all summer and is not to be missed! The Little Prince weaves for a couple kilometres through the park near Exploration Place and is a delight for everyone, the young and young-at-heart. On this day, I shared my first trip around the park via train with my six-month-old and my mom, and we’ll definitely do it again. All aboard!

Ice cream

Conveniently located in the railway station is my favourite summertime treat, hard ice cream. You won’t find me near an ice cream stand without devouring a scoop or two. So it goes without saying that this was the next stop after we hopped off the train!

Ok, I’ll admit it – I didn’t complete all of this in a single afternoon. It took a couple. But a couple of really great afternoons! You’ll see – you and your family will be having so much fun taking in a couple of these activities that there just won’t be enough time for all of it. You’ll have to go back again, and again… all summer long!

What’s your favourite part of Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park? Keep the conversation going! Find me on Twitter at @jessicaleequinn!

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