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As mentioned in my previous blog, I make a living as a forestry consultant. This generally means that I spend a good amount of my time in the forest, and there’s definitely no shBel Canto Choirortage of that around Prince George. In order to not over-work myself, I spend my days off in and around the community partaking in a wide spectrum of activities. One of the great benefits of Prince George, in my view, is that it’s a city that’s neither too small, nor too large. It’s big enough to provide a good variety of extracurricular activities, yet small enough that you don’t have to look very hard to find them.

Most of the activities that I’m involved in have come about through word of mouth, friend recommendations, or simply noticing the various events that are going on around me. While there are many more activities going on in Prince George then I have room to write about, I’ll mention below a few that are particularly close to my heart.

After a shift of work in the forest, I must admit that sometimes I need a break from seeing another tree. It’s times like this that I feel myself longing for a live theatrical performance at Theatre Northwest, a concert with the Bel CanSwimming lanes at the Prince George Aquatic Centreto Choir, or perhaps catching a basketball game at the University of Northern British Columbia

Or, if I really want to clear my head, there’s nothing like submerging it in the 50 metre pool at the Aquatic Centre during a workout with the Prince George Barracudas Swim Club Masters group.

To loosen up the muscles and joints after a particularly tough work shift, I enjoy stretching out on a long road bike ride to Baldy Hughes and back, or joining the Prince George Cycling Club for one of their Tuesday evening rides. Quite often the call of the forest does return, and a rip on my Mountain Bike to Pidherny or Otway is the answer, which is especially nice in the fall when the birch leaves seem to have turned to gold.   

If I don’t feeBiking at Pidhernyl like expending quite that much effort, a nice stroll around 18 holes of golf at Aberdeen is never a bad idea

There are so many extracurricular activities available in Prince George, that the people I know need to prioritize which activities they prefer most, since there are only so many hours in a day.  Whether it’s the arts, shopping, team sports, volunteering, social clubs or simply wandering the extensive trail networks in and around town, Prince George is a city that caters to most.  

And things don’t slow down in the winter, not by a long shot!

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