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Make a homemade cup of locally roasted coffee this winter

Fall had barely arrived in Prince George when winter offered an ominous warning that its icy grip would soon be upon us. I wasn’t ready for it. My poor broken trees weren’t ready for it. This winter could look very different for us. The rise in COVID-19 cases has meant a tightening of circles at a time when many social activities are transitioning inside to escape the cold. This could leave people housebound for longer than we’d like as winter progresses.

But we’re still Canadian and I’m sure many of us will embark on that drive through the pitch-black, freezing cold, ice ridden wasteland for our favourite cup of joe. Move Up PG recently featured the many coffee shops around town that are a great fix to that craving. But this blog isn’t about that. It’s about those times when, despite your grit, you simply do not want to leave the house in the morning. In those moments, it’s up to your coffee maker of choice to get you the caffeine you both want and deserve. Here are some ways you can continue to support local while having your morning cup of coffee at home this winter.

Hearth & Hinterland Roasters

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Hearth & Hinterland Roasters “strive to perfect a coffee for the people of Prince George.” They currently offer five varieties with beans sourced from Ethiopia, Honduras, and Papua New Guinea, and they offer you the ability to customize the roast level you want on most of their blends. Their coffee can be purchased at in individual 340 g bags, as wedding favours, in bulk, or as part of a subscription service that ensures fresh coffee beans are on your doorstep weekly or monthly.

Locally, Hearth & Hinterland’s coffee can be found in Mother Maria’s Market in the Bon Voyage Plaza and as an add on product to the Prince George Public Interest Research Group’s (PGPIRG) Good Food Box.

North Roast Coffee

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Since 2012, North Roast Coffee has offered a variety of high-quality small batch coffee roasted right here in Prince George. Currently, they offer 14 different varieties at with the ability to customize the grind, roast, and weight you want. If you’re having trouble deciding which one to go with, you can always opt for North Roast’s 3-pack mystery brew to start exploring a world of coffee flavours.

Locally, North Roast Coffee can be found at Ave Maria, Jolley Market Foods, Homesteader Health, Homesteader Meats, PGI foods, UNBC Cafeteria, Books and Co., the Prince George Farmers’ Market, Birch & Board Charcuterie and Provisions, Homework, Col Juicery, Huble Homestead, Kup at a Time, Foothills Foods, Save-On Foods, and KG Corner Stores. North Roast can also be purchased as an add on to the PGPIRG’s Good Food Box.

Coffee roasters across BC

Coffee beans.

It seems that, much like craft brewing, local coffee roasters are another trend on the rise. Maybe this has been a thing for a long time and I’m just waking up to it now? I mean, it makes sense. Coffee is great. Next time you’re travelling around BC, I’d recommend you check out some local roasters. However, if you’re staying close to home this year, there are a couple local shops where you can pick up some coffee from northern BC roasters:

Just remember, whatever your coffee maker of choice is, be it drip, expresso, percolator, siphon, French press, or any other obscure method of producing that sweet, sweet, caffeine at home, there is a way to support local while doing it.

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