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Over the last several months, I’ve been working on various projects around the community. I’ve had meetings with people that range from the heads of major businesses to local restauranteurs to city leaders. One of these experiences inspired me to write this blog. I was sitting in a meeting with an individual from a prestigious law firm in Prince George and this person made a statement which struck me: “I am in my 30s, and already a partner at this law firm. I know I could have never done that in a place like Vancouver.” It was after that statement that I took a pause and thought about all of the projects I am currently working on and realized that I have accomplished a great many things due to the opportunities open to me in Prince George.

I’ve noticed that maA business traveller at the airportny people move to major cities across Canada because they want to do big things. I have friends who have moved to larger cities because they want to be in movies; run a major nonprofit; become a partner at a law firm; or simply make a difference. They’ve spent years toiling in these communities they thought would give them the opportunity to achieve these dreams. Instead, they have faced heavy competition, along with high rent, high food costs and the inability to make a difference.

We all want to get a good job and make an impact. It can seem almost impossible in communities where you’re nothing more than another cog in the wheel. That’s not the case in Prince George, where a person can leave a lasting impact whether as an individual in a one-on-one setting, or the community as a whole.  Our community is welcoming and encouraging. We want everyone in our community to succeed, and that’s why when you tell people you want to do something, they rally behind you in support. That’s because people want to see you, and by extension, this community succeed. Volunteerism rates in Prince George are through the roof, and that’s because people know when they get involved they can have an Group of cyclists outside of the place they workimpact which is far-reaching and meaningful.

We often think that to do big things we have to live in big places. Why is that? Why do we constantly tell ourselves we have to live in communities, where all our money goes to residing in that place, to have an impact? I understand the motivation to stay in large cities or to leave and find those places, but in reality, all you need to do is take a chance on Prince George or step out your door and talk to anyone in this community. We’re all looking for hometown heroes to rally behind. If you want to go to those bigger centres and spend all your money on rent, food and transportation costs, that’s okay. But the message of my blog is to try reorienting your mind to a more welcoming community where you make a difference. The results may surprise you.

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