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A monthly date night in Prince George

One of the exciting things that my fiancé and I have incorporated into our lives recently is having a monthly date night. While we may go have a bite to eat at one of the many local restaurants or go for a walk in the dog park from time to time, this monthly date is a bit more structured. The rules are simple: designate a day at the beginning of the month to be “the date night” and ensure it works for the both of us, keep it low cost and keep it a surprise. Through these dates, we have found ourselves exploring more of what Prince George has to offer as a secondary benefit. Here are the memorable dates I can share with you and are “couple-approved”.

Getting our roller-skate on at Prince George Dome

people rollerskating

Skating at the PG Dome. Photo credit: PG Dome.

The first installment of our monthly date took us to the Prince George Dome, as suggested by my fiancé. The Dome has public roller-skating hours on Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM and it only cost us $6.00 each for admission and rentals. Don’t make fun of me here but the first time I stepped on the rink at the Dome I looked like a baby deer learning to walk. After a good ten minutes of falling and getting the hang of trying not to fall, my fiancé and I were zooming around the rink hand-in-hand. We finished our night off with a dinner cooked at home and toasted to our first successful date night.

Night-skiing at the Hart Ski Hill

people snowboarding and skiing

Hitting the slopes at the Hart Ski Hill.

My fiancé and I are enthusiastic skiers and we have been to all the great ski hills in the surrounding area: Powder King Mountain Resort, Troll Ski Resort, Purden Ski Village, Hudson’s Bay Mountain Resort and others. So, when it was my turn to plan a date night, my heart was set on night-skiing at the Hart Ski Hill. We loaded up our equipment and headed to our destination. The best part was it was only a 10-minute drive from Prince George. It was awesome! We enjoyed hitting some slopes (for the cost of $32.00 for two passes) and particularly loved the enthusiasm of all the attendants working there. Another successful date night in the books for us.

And the date nights continue

seating in a theatre

Cinema CNC takes place at the Prince George Playhouse.

We have done other activities including seeing a film at Cinema CNC, successfully building a puzzle purchased from Great White, or even cooking a meal together. There are always so many great local events and experiences in Prince George that sometimes it’s hard to choose! I’m hoping that one of the next ones will be a Wednesday wing night at Kask (hint hint, nudge nudge Josh). And don’t worry, all these suggestions can be done with friends or family too.

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