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New Year, New Activities to Try

We’ve all been there…a new year and we make some kind of commitment to better our health, lose weight or become more fit. Now maybe you’re one of the amazing few who actually follows through and accomplishes what they set out to do, but if you’re not quite that disciplined, why not focus on just trying new things that move your body? Maybe you’ll find something you love and then it won’t be another thing on the to-do list to accomplish and if not, maybe you will at least have had some laughs!

rYpped at the Y

Women are always so concerned that if they lift weights they will get that muscly look. Well, I am here to tell you this is not true. If you don’t believe me ask any of our local experts, like Cara Roberts at Active Body Nutrition. Whether you’re new to weights or a seasoned lifter, rYpped is your must-try class this year. It’s a weight class choreographed to music – it’s for all levels, a ton of fun and makes you feel strong and sexy! Plus, it’s offered almost every day at a variety of times, so it can fit anyone’s schedule.

Check out a video here:

Kickboxing at PG Functional Fitness

First, I should share a disclaimer that I am 100% biased as I am so in love with kickboxing that I am now an instructor. However, at one time, I was just like you – looking for something to keep me moving while having fun. I stumbled across these choreographed kickboxing classes. Think less like the sparing in the Karate Kid and more of a dance class to music but instead of graceful movements everyone is punching and kicking a bag. You can check the video out below. It’s cardio, strength and a whole lot of stress relieving!

Yoga with Cats at Zandra Ross Lifestyle Studio

Now I should start this section with a note that if yoga is not a part of your routine, I STRONGLY encourage you to make it a new addition. I don’t get to classes as often as I would like, but man when I do, I feel great – physically and mentally!

There is such a stigma that you have to be fit or flexible. I get asked so often by others, “But could I do it?”

UHM, YES! Yoga is truly for ANY body. The number one rule is that you don’t do anything that doesn’t feel good for YOU – yes even YOU can do it! And there are so many amazing places to choose from in Prince George. Personally, I love to hit a class at the Y. You’ll find patient instructors and yogis of all levels in your class. Chinook Yoga also has a great selection of classes if you are looking for a wide variety of options, including warm and hot yoga (if you haven’t tried it, there is no better time than the cold to take this up – it warms you from the inside out and feels great on those cold bones!) Chinook also regularly offers Yoga 101 – a 4 week special strictly for beginners. I took this a while back for a refresher and it was fabulous! It’s a fantastic way to learn without feeling like the odd duck out. You practice form and learn the vocabulary AND a great focus on relaxation!

But have you heard that the Zandra Ross Lifestyle Studio has teamed up with the Prince George Humane Society and is offering Yoga with Cats! I haven’t tried this yet, but it is on my 2019 list as I don’t think there is better therapy than yoga AND fur baby snuggles!

Check out their events to see when the next one is scheduled:

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