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There is no place like home

It seems like over the past few years my professional life has given me the opportunity to travel for various meetings or conferences. I have been to large urban cities and small rural communities, and while each community has its perks and a unique culture, I have to be very honest that I can’t wait to return home. It’s true, there is no place like home and I am proud to say that Prince George is my home.

Misperceptions of Prince George

“Oh…how is that?” is a common response that I receive (along with a look of pity) when I tell someone that. Unfortunately for them, they usually say this in an elevator and have to spend the remainder of the ride listening to this proud Prince Georgian. It seems like people are pretty quick to judge our community and there are many misperceptions about Prince George floating around, but in my opinion these perceptions are 100% inaccurate. All these people need to know is this is a community I love and the place that I choose to raise my family.  

Why they’re wrong

To be honest I could write a book about how great our community is but when asked to explain in five words or less the answer is easy – the people! Whether it is watching the 20,000+ plus helping each other each day through the Facebook group “Hell Yeah Prince George” or watching charity fundraiser after charity fundraiser set new records; we are such a caring and supportive community and there are so many opportunities to get involved and support a cause that you are passionate about. Having spent my entire professional life in the not-for-profit field and having served the past five years on the Board of Directors for Volunteer Prince George, I know just how many people in our community jump in and give their time and/or resources to help create change in the lives of another. It is inspiring and this is the reason that we should be known as “The Volunteer Capital.”

Why my son loves Prince George

ITim's son am excited to have been asked to be a regular contributor for Move Up Prince George. I am going to be focusing on the people and places that make Prince George a great place to live and raise a family. As many of my future posts may revolve around my son I should introduce you to the little man. This is Ryan. He is almost two and is such a little ham. He loves berries, fire trucks and has more energy than I could ever imagine. His favourite things to do in Prince George are playing at the playground at Pine Centre Mall or Duchess Park, spending the day at one of the many lakes that are within a one hour’s drive from home.

Thanks for reading and until next time – all the best!

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