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Prince George: A great place to deliver

Happy September! As I write these words, I’m still a bit shocked at how fast 2019 has flown by.  No matter how much disbelief I feel as I type these words the view out my window tells me it’s true. The leaves are changing colour, the mornings are crisp and at times fog-filled, and t-shirts and shorts are being replaced with hoodies and jeans. On top of that, pumpkin is filling the menu boards at every coffee shop.

September brings new adventures

September seems to be a time for new. It’s a time where families are setting new routines, kids are starting new grades, hundreds of post-secondary students are moving to our community to start their new adventures as either UNBC or CNC students, and for some it is an opportunity to reset their New Year’s resolutions and build new goals before snow covers the ground.

September also brought an addition to the Bennett family. Early in the month, my wife and I welcomed our newest family member. Welcome to the world Finnegan.  I am sure future blogs will focus on what Prince George has to offer our youngest citizens. 

Delivery in Prince George is different

Delivering a child at the University Hospital of Northern BC was not a new experience to me. However, I am now at an age where more of my friends are having kids. As I chat with my friends about our experience at UHNBC, I realize that delivering in Prince George is different. 

Comfort is prioritized

three boys

Finn meeting his brothers.

As I discussed the experience with friends and family who have delivered in larger communities such as Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver, the shocking similarity between all their experiences was the fact there was no comfort and little privacy. They all described situations of being in a room post-partum with up to three other families. Visiting with family was difficult and trying to have quiet time with numerous other babies crying is impossible. Our experience at UHNBC was much different. Families are given private rooms that have everything you need in them. These rooms include private bathrooms and a bed for dad. It’s a space that’s built for families to spend those first few hours and days together. In addition, every staff member we interacted with was friendly, caring, and supportive.

When things don’t go as planned

baby getting phototherapy

Finn undergoing phototherapy.

Our stay at UHNBC was longer than we had planned. Finn developed jaundice and had to spend a couple of long nights and days going through phototherapy treatments. Again, in other centres the baby is moved to different parts of the hospital, away from mom. This was not our experience. The hospital had a light bed that they could bring into our private room. It allowed us to still spend time with Finn, while he was focusing on getting better. It lowered our stress levels at a time that is already quite stressful. 

Honestly, I could go on about the reasons why our hospital is something to brag about, but I am quickly running up to my word count.

I know it’s easy to think that things are better in larger communities, but I encourage you not to look outside Prince George. We have great medical services available in our community and wanted to highlight the amazing experience provided to families by the UHNBC maternity, pediatrics and NICU teams.

You can follow along with my adventures with my three boys on Twitter and Instagram at @tiben12.

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