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Food at Kask


Prince George: An emerging beacon for foodies

Restaurants make a city and foodies are the kind of people who know a restaurant’s worth. Who doesn’t love food? I have travelled the world eating and appreciate amazing food made by creative people who love their city and their food. If you’re considering moving up to Prince George and you’re a foodie, don’t worry: downtown Prince George is booming with a dynamic selection of restaurants for all foodies!

Here is a quick low down on a few of the newest selections of Prince George’s finest foodie eats made by creative people with a love for the food and their community.

Betulla Burning: For pizza-loving foodies

Women enjoying the patio at Betulla Burning.

A group enjoying the second floor patio at Betulla Burning.

From the fabulous local creators of one of our best staple restaurants, Nancy O’s, Betulla Burning opened downtown in 2017 and is an amazing pizzeria. The restaurant’s chefs specialize in making Neapolitan food that’s steeped in tradition and has a modern spin using their custom built Italian oven. The pizzas are simple in nature with popping flavors that change by the season. This season try the PSL which includes pumpkin puree, chocolate mole sauce, crispy kale, roast pumpkin, toasted pumpkin seeds and goat cheese. In the summer, the rooftop patio offers the perfect foodie retreat with a modern outdoor furnishings and organic vegetable gardens surrounding the seating area. It offers a view of Prince George like no other!

Kask: For foodies with diverse tastes

People at Kask.

A group enjoying beer before dinner at Kask.

If you’re moving up to Prince George and desire a menu like nothing else in the world (and trust me I have travelled around the world) then pop into Kask and make sure to bring friends and family as this place is made for groups! Kask was opened in 2017 by local entrepreneurs with a passion for craft beer and spirits, and delicious, regionally sourced food items prepared to fit a test-kitchen concept. The menu options switch up regularly so your foodie taste buds are never bored! Try the char siu pork belly and the beer battered fries. The char siu pork belly has crispy pork belly, char siu sauce, kimchi fried rice, roasted peanut powder, scallions, and Thai basil. And you’ll never get enough of those fries! If you’re a beer junkie, make sure to get a flight of 5 or 10 4oz taster beers so you can sample a selection of craft brews from British Columbia, across Canada, and the west coasts of the United States.

CrossRoads Brewery: For foodies who enjoys craft beer

A server passing food to customers at CrossRoads

A server passing a charcuterie board to customers at CrossRoads Brewing.

Foodies and craft beer fanatics won’t be disappointed with Prince George’s very own locally owned and operated craft brewery located in the heart of the downtown next to the Ramada Hotel. CrossRoads makes food that complements the beer that’s brewed in-house. Take a seat with a window view of the brewery or grab some friends and sit on the beautiful wooden benches. You can choose from fantastic selections including Italian pizzas, artisan sandwiches, and fantastic gnocchi. Try the blue claire cheese, white wine cream sauce with a balsamic reduction gnocchi. If you have time you can arrange a tour of the brewery.

Moving up to Prince George isn’t hard to do considering the large number of local restaurants that are dynamic, creative and delicious! With the great selection of artisan kitchens that use local ingredients and craft beer, you can’t go wrong.

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