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Prince George on four legs

Dad, boy and dogI got me a Bentley.  A high end luxury vehicle?  No.  A new furry friend and new member of the Bennett Family? Yes!  Growing up I never had a dog.This was in part because my mom had an allergy and because we never really had a place with a big enough yard to let the dog run. 

A few years ago my wife and I bought a house. Remember, in Prince George you can get a house with yard for a fraction of the price of a house in the lower mainland.  For that reason alone, you need to Move Up Prince George. 

Since my last blog post, we visited Prince George Equine and Animal Rescue where we were introduced to Bentley.  A four year old pup who loves to play and also loves a good walk. Having him join the family has meant much more time outside and much more time exploring Prince George on foot.

If you are looking at relocating to our great community and have a furry friend, let me introduce you a few places you must check out.  All these places are not only dog friendly but somewhere that you can easily take your family and toddler.

Ginter’s Mansion

That’s right.  I said Mansion… Well at least now it’s the foundation of one. This is the old house of Ben Ginter who opened Pacific Western Brewery and, from what I read, is the person who started selling beer in cans – one of the many legacies of Prince George. Ginter’s Field is one of two in-town designated off-leash dog parks. You can park at the end of Massey or at the end of Ferry and walk one of many paths. Ryan and Bentley love to walk the upper loop and not only see the foundation of the mansion but also see the stream that runs through the park. It is also a great way to meet other friendly dog owners. 

Boy petting his dogMoore’s Meadow

This is located at the corner of 1st Avenue and Foothills Boulevard. Moore’s Meadow is another off leash park and has many trails for you to explore. On a nice day, you can spend hours playing fetch in the meadow itself.  If you are a photographer, make sure to bring your camera with you as you can get some beautiful pictures. For brides to be, it is also a great place to have your wedding photos done (especially in autumn – just remember it is a small hike in)

Huble Homestead

This is a historic site, 40 kilometres north of Prince George, located on Mitchell Road. Huble Homestead is a regional historic site but it was named one of the best wedding venues in BC by the Huffington Post. When not wowing wedding guests, this dog-friendly park provides tours of the historic site, runs various events and even has a store on site. 

I know our family is looking forward to our first summer with Bentley as we explore what you can do with a dog during a Prince George summer. 

As always, feel free to connect on Twitter or Instagram at @tiben12.  Until next time, all the best!

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