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Where does the time go?  2016 is already almost half over or, if I am being optimistic, do I say that we still have half the year left?  One of the greatest things about writing blogs for the Move up Prince George campaign is getting to read the posts from my fellow bloggers.  I have lived in Prince George for almost 25 years and still, the other bloggers are helping me learn new things about this great community I call home.

Let me showcase a few blogs I think you should check out from the past months.  On March 24th, Jessica Quinn highlighted some amazing local shops on her “A Lunchtime Walking Tour of Downtown Prince George”, last week Grant Bachand spoke about the “Music Scene in Prince George” and the one that I am using as my motivation today is Krystel Mckinnon’s blog “Prince George in May”.  Krystel’s blog highlighted some great activities that she did over the past month. 

I started looking through my phone and saw quite a few pictures of activities that my family and I did last month.  Following Krystel’s lead, here is my “Prince George in May”. 

Boy eating ice creamMay was a beautiful month.  This meant I had to dig out the shorts, turn on the AC and eat more ice cream than I care to admit.  However, when it is time for ice cream, I hit up the Ice Cream Express located on Cowart Road.  It has many different flavours of hard ice cream but my preference is espresso fudge!  Ryan isn’t picky but the more colourful the better.

Throughout many blog posts over the past few months, we have spoken about various places around Prince George to get outside.  I can’t believe I have yet to talk about one of my favourite places which is Wilkins Park located in Miworth.  Situated along the Nechako River, this park is the perfect place to spend the day.  There is a picnic shelter, fire pits, a big field where you can play catch, bocce or toss a Frisbee, and there is even a place you can wade in the water, head off for a float down the river or launch your boat.  It is only a 10-15 minute drive from my house and office so it makes for a perfect place to escape from the heat or to have a picnic lunch and check out the sunset. 

Dog on a trailWith the beautiful weather, we also spent more time outside with Bentley.  This is our first summer with a dog and I am still trying to find places to take him.  Last blog I talked about three of my favourite places and can’t believe I missed one.  Over the month of May I spent a lot of time in Gordon Bryant Park.  This park is one you would miss if you didn’t know it was here.  However, it has great trails to walk the dog and has a full playground to entertain your kids.  The best part is that it also has a backstop, basketball court, and big field.  It is a hidden gem that needs to be explored! 

The rest of May was full of meetings, conferences, yard work and more meetings.  I know you really don’t want to hear about those.  Looking forward to sharing highlights of my summer and invite you to connect through Instagram or Twitter at @tiben12. 

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