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Prince George In May

Some of my favourite things about living in Prince George are that we can enjoy the simple life and that the balance between work and play comes easily.  In Prince George, we don’t have to over work to be able to afford activities and cost of living. There is never lost time from commuting far distances and the meaning of rush hour is hardly a recognized statement in our city. We are always surrounded with endless possibilities for entertainment. 

Playing golf at Aberdeen GlenFor me, the best part about summer is golfing.  I have been golfing for eight years and because I taught myself how to play, I wanted professional help to improve my game.  So recently I took three lessons at the Aberdeen Glen Golf Course with their golf pro, Ian Wrynn.  Aberdeen Glen is located on the north side of the city and has been nominated twice as the B.C.P.G.A. facility of the year. The scenery at this course is a must see, with the fairways carved through valleys and surrounded by the natural forests that are familiar in Prince George. Their driving range and putting greens are some of the best the city has to offer. Aberdeen is one of Prince George’s many courses and it is the largest 18 hole course. After 3 lessons with Ian, I have been able to knock eight strokes off my overall game. 

I live on the west side of the city and the commute from the west to the north is less than 30 minutes which makes it very easy to drive to a lesson across town, play 18 holes, and still make it home with plenty of day left. 

With the exceptionally nice weather we have been having, we recently took out the kayaks and ventured out into the back roads of our neighbourhood. There you would find, perhaps, one of the city’s best kept secrets, Haldi Lake; a secluded and beautiful little lake. Haldi Lake is not easily accessible to the public as it does not offer a direct road and is not considered a provincial park lake, but for those who are into quading, dirt biking, canoeing or kayaking, this lake is a must see. 

Dogs playing in water at West LakeOur city is surrounded by several provincial park lakes for locals to enjoy the outdoors. Most of these lakes are within an hour of the city’s core. Once I got the hang of kayaking, we set out to West Lake.  West Lake is a day-use park, where the public can enjoy picnic areas, swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, a sanded beach, and a pet beach for leashed animals. By the time we got there, the beach was already full with families and friends soaking up the mid 20 temperatures; a treat for northerners in May. As we kayaked, we watched people wind surfing, kids jumping of their water floaties, people walking their pets, and dozens of boats coming in and out of the docking area.

On our way home from the lake, we stopped at our neighbourhood store, the Jolly Market. We often stop at this small business as they are known for the best buns in town. If you get a chance to stop in and try their home made pizza, you will wonder why you’ve ever ordered delivery. Supporting local businesses is something we believe in and it is a big part of what makes Prince George a close community.

Prince George is an affordable place to live and that makes for plenty of time to enjoy the great things this city has to offer. When you have more time for family and friends, life is more enjoyable. 

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