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Why Prince George should be your next home

Hey there!

My name is Nathan and I live in Prince George, BC.

If you’re reading this, you are probably considering a move up to Prince George, and as a potential new resident, my job is to convince you that Prince George is the greatest place on earth in 450 words or less.

Let’s go with less – much less! – starting with the five words you need to hear: the cost of living is low.

Chances are if you’re thinking about moving to Prince George you’re just starting a family, or you’re going into post-secondary training, or you’re just about graduated from a post-secondary program and are looking for a job where you can also afford to live.

And in this city of 80,000 or so, you would soon find out those exact reasons are why everyone lives here. Sure some of us were born here, but trace back the family tree far enough and somewhere along the line our relatives came here to make a living in a place that was also affordable enough to start a family.

So we know wNew duplex in College Heights neighbourhoodhy everyone comes here, and it’s a convincing reason for you to move here too.

The housing options are numerous, ranging from vintage homes with real hardwood (before that was actually a high priced item) to brand new developments that are still cheaper than anything you can find in Metro-Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto, for example. If you’re thinking of renting, there are a wide variety of options for that as well, from newly renovated bachelor suites to entire homes for families.

There are several sites that can help guide you to the living space that fits you and your lifestyle. If you need help finding them, just email the people here at Move Up at info(At)princegeorge(Dot)ca and they can assist you.

But honestly the bigger question you ought to ask is this: why, after increasing one’s skills, raising one’s kids’ to school age, or even becoming empty nesters does anyone stay in Prince George?

Well, the simplest explanation of it that I can manage is this – because Prince George is truly unique, and therefore it quickly becomes “homey” to anyone who makes a go of life here.

That might sound like an odd pitch but bear with me. The biggest thing Prince George has going for it is this city is whatever you make it!The Kask Taproom and Eatery

There is a burgeoning urban scene with gastro pubs, excellent music, and authentic city life all within blocks of each other. And yet if you’d prefer to simply live a suburban routine of big box stores and (very short) commutes, there are plenty of spaces for that as well. You could also live in the country and be down at the professional theatre or orchestra in 30 minutes by car, or you could live in the dead centre of town and drive 50 minutes in any direction to walk your dogs where no human might ever have been before.

Prince George is truly diverse and what it offers to it’s citizens is an unending combination of hobbies, activities, and lifestyles precisely because it’s the largest city in North Central BC and an excellent staging ground for adventures in the most beautiful part of the province. Bohemians, pub-crawlers, weekend warriors, mill workers, doctors, and many more all call this city home. And they just can’t get enough of it – they love it here!

I invite you to move on up and experience it for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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