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Cottonwood Island Park


School’s back! Time for students to discover Prince George

I love August; it’s one of my favourite months for many reasons. It’s fantastically warm, and it’s when the summer sun gives the best rays it has to give. Also, as much as many might find this weird, school is about to start back up again. Yes, I love when school starts because that means, fall, scarfs, pumpkin spice lattes and of course many great things in our community to do.

September is still weeks away, but I wanted to give my fellow students and potential newcomers to Prince George a good idea of what they can look forward to when school starts up again. In the spirit of David Letterman, I have put together a top ten list of things students new to Prince George can learn, and discover about our community.

10. Take a photo of the train bridge across the river from Cottonwood Park, and post it online.

Train bridge at Cottonwood Island ParkNothing is more quintessentially Prince George than walking the river shore by Cottonwood Island Park and taking a picture of the train bridge. On it, you may notice two large towers which were used in the past to allow for river paddle boats to go under and past the bridge. It is a staple of our community for people to take pictures of it; people apply various filters and equities to get the best possible photos, so if you’re coming to Prince George ensure you make the bridge one of your stops.

9. Go on a hike in Forests for the World with some of your friends.

Forests for the World is one of the best places in Prince George to stretch your legs and take in the outdoors. No matter what the season, you will not be disappointed with your time out there. It’s always Shane Lake at Forests for the Worldbest to go with a group of friends and relax when you reach the Shane Lake in the middle of the park.

8. Float down the river starting from Miworth and going all the way to Cottonwood Island Park.

You’ll have limited time to take in this part of Prince George this school year before the snow flies. I suggest before the school work gets too intense, grab some friends and head out to Minworth. You’ll reach a park called Wilkins Park. Put a floaty in the water and let the current do the rest. Make sure to wear sun block or trust me, you will burn.

7. Hit up the downtown music scene and grab a beer at the Legion.

Live music show at the LegionPrince George has no shortage of great places to listen to music. One of my favorite places is the Legion; they always have great music playing and a fun environment to take in with a date or a friend.

6. Go to Cottonwood Island Park and marvel at all the Wooden faces carved into the trees.

While you are taking pictures of the Train Bridge, or possibly finishing up your float down the river, go and check out the walking trails in Cottonwood Island Park. When you’re walking down the trails, you’ll notice some faces carved in the wood. It’s the work of local artist Elmer Gunderson and is something to behold at least once.

Face carved into tree bark5. Have an existential crisis due to your workload and go to the University student run pub Thirsty Moose for some karaoke and fun.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that university is stressful. I firmly believe nothing is better for de-stressing than Ice Ice Baby. Of course, that’s not the only thing the Moose has going for it, but I’ve spent many enjoyable nights in that pub, and it’s a great place to make friends and have fun.

4. Check out one of the many theatre productions going on in the community.


Photo Credit: Philomena Hughes

Prince George has a vibrant arts scene, and the plays in our community are second to none. Theatre Northwest has put on some great productions over the years and if you get a chance don’t miss the opportunity to watch one.

3. Check out Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park in the fall.

I adore fall for one simple reason, yellow leaves. The trees are beautiful in the autumn and nowhere in our community is that truer than in Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park. It’s a perfect place for photo ops, dates, or a stroll in the evening light. Go to the park in the fall you’ll feel like you’re in a movie.

2. Go snowshoeing or Cross Country Skiing at Caledonia Nordic Ski Club.

Otway Nordic Ski Centre in winterThe snow has not fallen I know, but when it does you need to spend an evening at Otway. The trails are some of the best in the community and if you’re a student and you’re like me, you probably don’t own gear. You’re covered at Otway as they have gear waiting for you to rent so nothing should stop you from hitting the trails.

Finally, the number one thing new students to Prince George need to discover about our community.

1. Take a photo of Mr. PG.

You are not a Prince Georgian if you have not taken at least one photo of our beloved Mr. PG.

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