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So you want to be a Rocky Mountain Ranger?

Rocky Mountain Rangers member handing out waters at the Prince George Step for Life in 2016 (photo credit: Max Malinowsky).

Prince George is a city full of individuals who love their community. Since living here for almost five years now, I have seen many organizations take pride in their roots in central BC. A cornerstone of Prince George’s local community is the Rocky Mountain Ranger Unit. The Rocky Mountain Rangers are a primary Army Reserve light infantry Unit in the BC Interior. The Bravo company in Prince George has over 60 members.

And yes okay, this is a shameless plug as my husband is part of the Unit, BUT it really is a great organization.

Who are the Rocky Mountain Rangers?

Some down time with the Rangers means snowshoeing up Teapot Mountain.

Simply put, the Rangers are Prince George (and surrounding community) residents. Reservists work part-time for the Canadian Army, generally one night a week and one weekend a month, often while employed or attending school full-time. Members come from very diverse backgrounds including leaders, teachers, nurses, engineers, tradespeople, mill workers, firefighters, and police.

Their activities are often community-based. In 2017 and 2018, a group of members was deployed to provide disaster relief during British Columbia wildfires and flooding. Recently, several members conducted speaking engagements in the Prince George community about Remembrance Day and military history.

International travel and deployment are also opportunities with the Unit. Some of members are currently deployed in the Ukraine, Latvia, Iraq, and Kuwait. Many members from Kamloops and Prince George also took part a memorial ceremony at Hill 70 in France in October.

The benefits of being a Ranger

Canadian Forces Rocky Mountain Rangers 172nd Battalion at Hill 70 Memorial (CNW Group/Sakto Corporation)

Many Rangers can attest to the benefits of being part of this organization. A Ranger I spoke to highlighted the Unit’s focus on “a teamwork attitude, leadership and problem-solving skill development”. The Rangers are actively looking for new members; opportunities are available in the Army Reserve Unit, including full-time summer employment in the first four years of service.

Joining the Army Reserve is an opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience, work in unique environments, and develop transferable skills, all while receiving meaningful employment and benefits. The best part about this opportunity being in Prince George is that you don’t have to quit your job or move away to serve in the Canadian Army.

So, if I have piqued your curiosity, you can reach a recruiter to chat about the Unit at 250-552-1636.

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