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Studio gyms take Prince George by storm

If you were concerned that moving up to Prince George meant you’d have to give up your favorite studio gym be worried no further! Studio gyms have been exploding the last couple years in larger cities around the globe and now in Prince George! In a studio gym, there are energetic people in a social atmosphere and the space itself is attractive and upscale. They specialize in the fitness modality of your choice and range in atmospheres and fitness type. The studio experience is intimate, trendy, fun, and intense. Whether you desire a personalized program created by an international athlete or you want an intense group fitness environment you will always come out with a euphoria that will last throughout your day. Here are a few of Prince George’s varieties of studio gyms you have to choose from.

Gibsons Landing Athletics

Interior of Gibsons Landing Athletics

Inside Gibsons Landing Athletics.

On Queensway Street, you will find Prince Georges newest studio gym addition. Gibsons Landing Athletics specializes in personalized programs that are created based on a physical assessment so the program is created just for you and updated weekly. Onsite trainers are available to help you with your program anytime you require it. You will find specialized equipment like Skiergs and Airbikes that makes GLA so dynamic. GLA also has group classes using the same philosophy to enhance your physical fitness in a group setting. An International Professional Functional Fitness Athlete creates your programs. This gym is suited with a full-time wellness studio on the second floor (Wild Rose Wellness).


People doing a CrossFit workout

12 days of Christmas Workout of the Day at CrossFit Prince George.

If you are at a CrossFit gym where you live now you don’t need an explanation of what CrossFit is. CrossFit is available worldwide and Prince George is lucky to have three CrossFit gyms (also referred to as a Box). CrossFit is a variety of functional movements performed at an extreme intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements include aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more.  Check out CrossFit Prince George located at the Nicholson Centre, CrossFit Northern Ice on Ogilvie and CrossFit Dark Star on North Nechako Road.


Two people high fiving on stationary bikes

High fiving at Xconditioning.

If you’re looking for an unorthodox studio gym with high-intensity group classes look no further than X-Conditioning. They use a variety of strength and conditioning tools in a structured setting. They have strongman strength tools such as kegs, tractor tires, and sledgehammers that are used in conjunction with cardio equipment such as stationary bikes and rowing machines, and unorthodox training tools such as rings, sandbags, ladders, and hurdles. X conditioning is located in Prince Georges downtown on the south side of Queensway.

The Movement

People in a group gym class

Group class at The Movement.

The Movement is located in College Heights and provides a small class setting. They provide Mossa classes that include group power, group ride, group fight, group core and R30 for a great way to burn calories with a small intimate group! The movement has a signature HIIT class called the Max. It is designed to train cardio as well as whole body strength.

Check out these studio gyms on Facebook and their websites. You won’t be disappointed at the range of studio gyms there are to choose from. Move up to Prince George and your body can keep moving too!

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