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Summer has arrived in the city of Prince George!

I hope that I don’t jinx it but it has been a beautiful spring and start to summer. To the point where I would much rather be on the golf course or at one of the many lakes within a short drive from front door than sitting at work.

Today’s post is going to be a bTim's son playing in a poolit of a split focus. First off I would like to address a campaign currently running in Metro Vancouver. I am sure you have heard of #DontHave1Millon. I am kind of a small town boy (not born and raised in South Detroit) so when I heard that the house my wife and I bought for less than $250,000 would be closer to $900,000 if we lived eight to ten hours south is just mind boggling. Our little five bedroom, two bathroom house is just what we need and the best part of it is we have a nice big front and back yard for Ryan to play in.  The monthly mortgage payments fit in our budget (both my wife and I work in the not for profit field) and we still have some money to live the life style we want.

The last paragraph may have sounded like a bit of a sales pitch. For the record my house is NOT for sale. However, a quick look at MLS shows that others similar to mine are. I know that if I chose to live in another community I would not have the same opportunities that I have in Prince George including owning a house.

The next part of my post is a follow up from my “#PGSummerAdventure” post. Now that summer is here one of my favourite things to do is road trip! Good music, good friends and most of the time some food that is not the most healthy for you (although you can and probably should pack a healthier road trip snack kit).

Canoeing at the lakeOne thing I love is that there is so much you can do within a day trip from Prince George. Whether it is a trip south to Quesnel or Barkerville, North to Bear Lake or Mackenzie, East to the beautiful Robson Valley or west to Vanderhoof there is tons to do around Prince George and surrounding area that can keep your summer full of fun, memories and snacks. This summer I have already spent time in Quesnel and enjoyed a quick overnight “staycation” and spent a few days in the breathtaking Robson Valley. While driving home I noticed the sign for the Ancient Forest. I have never been but know that is a must this summer. Next post will share some of my highlights from that trip! I am sure Ryan will love it! He loves spending time outside and I hear that it is not too strenuous of a walk.

So fill your tank, check your tire pressure, pick your tunes and most importantly drive safe.

Until next time, all the best!


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