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Swapping outdoor hockey rinks for tennis courts

When the snow melts, the sun comes out, and the outdoor hockey rinks get dismantled around town, it is time for a new season in Prince George: tennis season. Warmer days catch my excitement as I eagerly await a sunny day to dust off my tennis racket and put my feet on the court.

I first got into tennis right before I moved to Prince George. Happily, I discovered that it’s easy to keep up my tennis game in the spring and summers here, due to the fine weather we get and the abundance of free-use tennis courts available around the city. Tennis courts are readily available from up the Hart all the way down to College Heights, and they are rarely so busy that every court is occupied.

Here are some of my favourite places around town to play tennis.

Eaglenest Park

Located right next to Foothills Elementary, Eaglenest Park boasts three tennis courts. The park is surrounded by a quiet neighbourhood in the Foothills area. The surrounding fields and playground make it an excellent place to relax and get some matches in during the summer. This is my favourite place to play tennis with my fiancé, as it’s located just steps from our apartment complex. With so many tennis courts around Prince George, it’s easy to get out and play a few quick games before dinner.

Eaglenest Park tennis court

Duchess Park

Duchess Park has two tennis courts that are available to use. This is a perfect spot to meet up with our friends to play tennis followed by a picnic on the surrounding parkland. The one downside of this park is that you sometimes have to share the courts with basketball players. However, I have never had an issue sharing the space with the families and students who to play basketball at these courts.

Duchess Park tennis court

College Heights Secondary

When school is out of session, College Heights Secondary is a great place to meet for tennis. College Heights offers three courts located between the school and the massive field. This area is a great place for recreation as many people gather here to play tennis, volleyball, soccer, baseball, and any other sport you can imagine. It feels motivating to be around other people enjoying sports and fitness.

In the spring and summer, Prince George has so many opportunities for outdoor sports. Many elementary schools and high schools around town have tennis courts attached to them, and the long warm days make for an excellent setting to play tennis. My advice: grab a racket and get out there!

About the Author: Kellie is a BC born and raised coffee lover from the South Coast. She moved up to Prince George in 2019 to pursue her master’s degree and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. She currently lives the apartment life with her fiancé Glenn and her cat Minou. 

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