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Top 40 Under 40 Will Cadell


2018/19 Top 40 Under 40 finalist – Will Cadell

Will Cadell
Age: 39

Will Cadell is the principal and lead consultant of Sparkgeo consulting, building innovative and easy to use geospatial technology to help clients leverage and understand geography, whether that’s with mapping technology or enabling customers to take advantage of the geography around them.

Five seconds with Will and one immediately recognizes his indicative Gaelic origin. Back in Scotland, he worked in municipal and government science roles. After landing in Canada, he found himself in the resource sector, eventually leading him to the founding of Sparkgeo seven years ago. Sparkgeo began with just Will, though eventually growing to nearly twenty people across Canada, serving some of the biggest brands on Earth. They’ve helped launch satellites, save rainforests, identify countries breaking economic sanctions, detect wildfires, optimize forest contractors, and route automated vehicles.

Sparkgeo builds innovative technology products for Fortune 500 companies like Apple and Google. Will leads a growing team of geospatial software experts and, together, they navigate complex waters. Sparkgeo’s technology is not limited by vendors or by a licensing philosophy, but purely by what will serve the purpose in the best, or most pragmatic way. He loves talking about building and delivering the next generation geospatial technology solutions, and is a preferred global speaker in that field.

Will has additionally taken on a significant amount of non-profit work, and as a Google Earth Outreach developer, he finds helping non-profits to leverage Google Maps and Google Earth hugely rewarding.  Locally, he is the board chair of Innovation Central Society and was a huge part of making The Hubspace a reality in our community.  

“I’ve loved building Sparkgeo,” says Will, “and more so I’ve loved building it from PG. Canada and PG taught me that it was possible to start and run your own gig. For that, I will always be thankful.”

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