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Snowshoeing in the forest


Top snowshoeing spots in Prince George

It’s March. The sun is shining strong outside, but there’s still a good few feet of snow in my backyard. And I’m ok with that! Because it means my snowshoes are still sitting by the front door, waiting for me to take them out snowshoeing again. 

Prince George has a huge variety of amazing winter activities to participate in, and those of us who live here (most of us anyway, those true northerners) accept and embrace the snow, realizing winter isn’t really so bad if you look at the bright side of things. And snowshoeing, for me, is definitely one of those bright sides. I bought my first pair of snowshoes about six years ago and they’re still doing me proud. Thankfully there are so many great places to use them around Prince George, whether you’re looking for a good trail to follow, or even unbroken powder to lay your own tracks in (and really get a good workout!). 

Here are my favourite places to snowshoe around Prince George!

My backyard

Jessica snowshoeing in her backyard

Taking a break from snowshoeing in my backyard.

Ok, this isn’t actually an invitation, but my favourite place to snowshoe right now is the five acres I live on and the surrounding undeveloped wilderness. I can literally snowshoe for miles from my front door. And this is so common for so many of us! All of this is to say that living in Prince George, means likely being able to afford a home with the forest just steps from your driveway. Ok, some actual locations you can go snowshoeing now…

Eskers Provincial Park 

Evening view from Eskers Provincial Park

The view while snowshoeing in Eskers Provincial Park.

Eskers Provincial Park is located about 40km northwest of Prince George along Chief Lake Road. Also a great summer hike, this place is downright beautiful in the winter. There are many trails to choose from; my favourite is a 3km loop around a lake with good mid-point benches to rest and eat a snack with a lovely view of the forest and the lake.

Tabor Mountain area

A trail at Tabor Mountain

Snowshoeing a trail at Tabor Mountain.

This is a big one! Located about 16-20km East of Prince George, there are literally over 100km of trails here to snowshoe or cross-country ski, and many different places to enter the area. Personally, I like to find an access point off of Grove Burn Road (off Hwy 16 east) and do a loop in this area. There is usually a trail already broken, but sometimes you’ll be the first! I was once doing a solo snowshoe through here and came across some pretty large fresh cat tracks (likely a lynx) so be prepared for that. Cougars are known to be in the area as well. Further along Hwy 16, there is also a pull out with an old train boxcar, with lots of trails managed by the Sons of Norway Ski Club (more so designated for cross-country skiing at this spot, but lots of different routes).

Otway Nordic Ski Centre

Jessica lying in the snow after snowshoeing.

Taking a break in the snow while snowshoeing.

New to snowshoeing or want to stay a little closer to home? The Otway Nordic Ski Centre has snowshoe trails in addition to their cross-country ski trails and they even rent snowshoes! They are located only minutes from downtown Prince George on Otway Road and boast a huge area of trails for skiers and snowshoers, plus great events such as the Moonlight Snowshoe throughout the winter for the whole family! 

This is a mere sampling of options for snowshoe trails around Prince George. The possibilities really are endless and I’ve often just found back roads to snowshoe along for something different (as with any winter outing though, bring supplies, and let someone know where you’re going!).

Now you have no excuse – get out there and enjoy some snow!

What’s your favourite spot to snowshoe in and around Prince George? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. #MoveUpPG

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