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Top spots for takeout in Prince George

Move Up Prince George and Northern BC Moms are here to be your resource for all things Prince George, and today we’re talking the top takeout in Prince George. With summer finally here, instead of drumming up another dinner at home, why not grab takeout and have a picnic in the park!

Picture this: you’re sitting on your favourite buffalo plaid fleece, as the summer waters flow slowly by, the sun warms your skin, but your stomach grumbles. You catch the fragrant smell of dinner floating on the breeze and turn to see your person. They sit and pass you a to go container, you know, the kind with the black bottom and the clear top. And you open it with glee to see your favourite takeout dish in town…what is it?

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“After this year, if I never eat, see or smell a KFC, DQ, A&W or McD’s again, that’ll be a okay with me.” – Kate

Trucks + stands

Smokey J's food truck.

Food trucks and burger shacks are where it’s at these days. They’re still “fast food” and with minimal contact it’s a win-win. In Prince George, we’ve got some of the best local grub to go: North City rocks the donair and poutine game. Kathy’s Burger Barn and Sandy’s Old-Fashioned Burger Stand duke it out for best burger in the Hart. And for dessert: the handmade Frozen Paddle and classic Ice Cream Express fight for top dog status.

In my opinion, the ultimate takeout in Prince George, and newcomer on the scene, is food truck Smokey J’s. I’d recommend the Rib-which and Wings, but you can order anything, and I promise, you won’t be disappointed! Check social media for location updates and hours. 

Sandwich royalty

Sandwiches at Birch and Boar.

Starving for a Sammy? Skip Subway and swing by Prince George’s business of the year, Birch and Boar, serving up the best local butchery, charcuterie, and you got it, ready-made sandwich packs for lunch. Salted Cracker is another local soup and grilled cheese fave, with four locations in Prince George and another soon to open at the Prince George Airport.

There are lots of other local sandwich shops, wicked delis, and fresh markets in Prince George so put down that gas station sandwich and head to Adria Deli on Massey, Jolly Market in Westgate, PGI Market on 5th, and Foothills Foods near University Hill.

Coffee shops

Coffee at Ritual Coffee Bar.

Craving caffeine? Grab a cup of joe and some café eats and sweets at Zoe’s Java House or Ritual Coffee Bar or take that latte with a new novel at the Café Voltaire and Books and Company combo shop, all in the downtown area. If you’re near Spruceland, you’ve got to try Magel’s Café. Get your caffeine with a twist…serving up bubble tea and waffles!


Takeout from Mr. Sushi.

Want to try something new? Get the ramen hot at Ramen Ya Sendo in Westgate or the ramen and sushi at Mr. Sushi in the Hart. For the best sushi downtown, Wasabi Sushi is our top spot. If you’re feeling dim sum…this new place opened up last year in the Tabor complex called Good Chef! And if you haven’t tried Thai before, get a curry or pad thai at Mai Thai downtown. We can’t say enough good things about all of the East Indian restaurants around Prince George. But if we could only pick one, it would have to be Spice of Life…it’s all about the crispy pakora!

Pizza pizza

Pizza and a growler from CrossRoads.

Feeling a fresh slice? Crossroads and Betulla Burning have both mastered the stonefire pizza…CrossRoads also has a pretzel on the menu, and you can pick up a sixer of brew to take home with your za. But Betulla has handmade pasta so it’s a tough choice. We also have some fabulous neighbourhood joints: College Heights 2 for 1, Mario’s 2 for 1 on Massey, and Tabor 2 for 1 Pizza to mention a few.

Why not treat the family this payday to an old fave, or perhaps try something new!! We’d love to know your go to place for take out in Prince George, and why! Comment, tag, share and engage to support your favourite local spot, during this unprecedented time. Remember to stay local with us this summer, because now more than ever, is the time to Eat. Play. Shop. and Discover. Northern BC.

Kate from Northern BC Moms


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