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Two activities to keep winter fun

With restrictions in place on activities over the past two years due to COVID, people have been rediscovering their “backyards” and getting outside more to enjoy them. Prince George is an excellent place to facilitate a love for the outdoors. Being outside in the winter can be more challenging to get excited about so here are two great activities you should try and the best places in Prince George to do them.

Fat biking and snowshoeing

Both sports offer the ability to be active while enjoying our beautiful surroundings. Snowshoeing allows a little slower pace and gives you a bit more ability to soak in the beauty of the scenery. Fat biking kicks up some adrenaline as the big tires roll through the packed trails with a little more speed. The challenge of riding snow covered trails also adds to the experience.

The majesty of our forests can whisk a person away from the city lights in minutes. The winter forest holds a unique beauty with all the leaves down; the forest opens and the thick stands of fir, pine and deciduous trees that have lost their leaves create a stunning landscape dotting the frosty pathways.

Man snowshoeing.

Here are three great places to enjoy these activities within city limits:

  1. Forests for the World: Located just off University Way, Forests for the World has a vast network of trails ideal for both activities. The local cycling club uses a snow groomer to maintain and pack the trails so that even when the snow fall becomes heavy, the trails are a dream to ride or showshoe. The trails are mainly a cross country style with moderate elevation gain. This area is quite popular with the local moose population, so travel carefully. The short days of winter make having a good headlamp or some bike lights a must and will extend your trail time greatly.
  2. Pidherny Recreation Site: This site has two access points: one located at the top of Foothills Boulevard and the other from Pidherny Road just off North Nechako Road. The Pidherny Recreation Site has a large variety of more challenging trails that range from intermediate to advanced. These trails are groomed as well, making access deep into the woods almost as open as summer riding.
  3. Caledonia Nordic Ski Club: This facility offers loads of fun trails for snowshoeing and riding. The large trees of the forest with their high canopy are reminiscent of the forests of Vancouver’s North Shore. The trails follow the mountain bike trails within the area and can be done as an easy flat loop or more challenging uphill climbs to move you deeper into the forest. Please watch for cross country skiers as the snowshoe trails do cross these paths and this is their designated facility. Please note that the Nordic trails are not groomed but become rideable as people who snowshoe there pack down the fresh snow. The Caledonia Nordic Ski Club is located just off Otway Road.
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